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Ny startad klan

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Junior Member


Tjena killar/tjejer,
Vi är 2 killar som vill börja ta lol serriöst,
What we expect from you:
You should be able to play more then 5 champs in your lane.
You should be over 1300 elo in soloqueue in s2 or s3.
You should at least know how to play your lane.
You should know how to ward,position and have the basic knowledge of LoL.
You should be able to accept critics from the team.
You should have a headset that is fully working,
You should be +15 (or act that old).
You should be a motivated player that enjoys LoL.
You should at least have played some ranked games for more understanding of the meta.
Mitt nya acc, Kapten Swifty, eller CaptainOggae