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Boring Games?

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Heyho fellow Summoners,

I have been playing League for almost the entire time since beta.

I have seen season 1, 2 and now 3. every Season there was something new, new changes, something nice and dandy... but season 3? Hell this is boring now, and ill gladly give reasons for it:


NEAT, finally some new options to build your champions differently... thats what i thought when i saw and read about new items... but nearly exactly the same amount of items that are new got removed... (goodbye FoN ) I mean some items are definitely a neat addition like the new muramasa, or Blade of the ruined king, but liandris is simply too much... nidalee and teemo with liandris are just a pain in the....-.-

New "improved" Jungle?

Well in my opinion the new jungle isnt any change at all.. its reverted to season1, with 1 difference: no pulls possible. It makes the jungling slow, ok, that is what Riot wanted, but Jungle overall is really slow... Until you reach level 3 and can actually gank its roughly minute 3 and a bit(depending on jungling route and skills and how strong the pull is). The problems with the ganks now is just... you lose so much XP when ganking... if the lane your ganking on doesnt get a kill out of it... well you came absolutely for no reason, jungling wouldve been a way better option(Seriously, it takes the sense of the 3v2 situations out of botlane or 2v1 on toplane or anything)

Then the early Supporter ward... "Explorers ward" i recall... why on earth does riot make ganking(which isnt worth while tbh on botlane if you dont get a kill) another free ward? a support will most likely dive into the support tree very deeply anyway... I dont really get why they gave them a free ward then so early:/ It completely disables ganking on botlane since youre always spotted AND you will most likely not even waste flash on the lane...

The new Jungling items... neat for jungling, **** for ganking(except good old wriggles which just got more expensive, and only for lee and jax really sweet for utility purpose). The Spirit of the ancient golem: Way too expensive, too less life, too bad for ganking. It is just not good enough to be used. So you just stay in the jungle with it since you dont get movement speed or any utility from it rlly which helps you in your aim to kill someone on lane. It makes you a farmer in Jungle, not utilizing anything before you reach a certain level and a few items... but is that really fun, running around the jungle and killing mobs until you reach a certain skill? not rlly... Jungling was fun when u were able to gank and help your mates and give your lanes the advantage they needed... Farming Junglers-- > Boring and have always been.


What about nautilus? Is he going to be completely useless? he had so strong ganks, but now hes just going to rot in the cellar of unused champions, since he is just not fast enough in jungling than others and he cant gank as effectively early as for example lee, jax, xin, heca, skarner shyv... or whatever, or even rammus maybe.

Same goes for poor trundle--> slow, devastatingly slow... strong ganks once he can come out from his jungle but hes so damn slow in the jungle


Since the new Jungle is introduced, not much is happening on the lanes... kills usually occur a lot when the junglers came into the fights... not by the lanes itself( at least usually not), and that is really so boring--> Farm farm farm farm farm farm, maybe a gank from either jungler, farm farm farm farm farm farm farm farm farm... did i mention farm? damn that is boring... i played some games where First blood occured minute 20 in a ranked game... srsly... it was really boring....

Number of Items:

The number of items you buy each game: roundabout 2-3

Each game usually is over when you bought boots and some other item... may it be ROA for some AP carry or Wriggles for lee or jax.... A Bloodthirster for the AD Carry or something similar... then usually the game is over..

In Total i would like to point out that some items still neeed a little adjustment( well ofc they do, theyre new and their complete purpose will still be explored). The "new Jungle" must be a little tweaked to apply for some "low speed" junglers which need items to become able to jungle and the XP has to go down in the Jungle... srsly, this: "im afk farming in the jungle" thing must stop... Junglers are there to give toplane an XP advantage and to maintain heavy pressure on all lanes if possible... not to be afk farming in the jungle

All in all the game needs a lot of tweaks, so lets hear what u guys think, maybe u agree maybe u disagree but overall i felt a lot of pressure gone from jungle and since i main jungling(or mained in this status) and that was really disappointing

Yours sincerely kaese