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[GUIDE] How to win?

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First let me apologize for my bad English grammar!

Everyone want's to win!
But, do you know what to do?
How to boost up your chance of wining?
Were all those thing you ranged about actually your fault?

Well I'll try to answer those in this growing wall of text.
But do realize that even if you and your team do and did all the things that will be listed, but still lost...that only means that the enemy did it faster, better (out played you).


The game starts even before you press the start button.
Sounds wired, but it's a simple fact, and it has it's few stages.

First stage- This will sound stupid, but I have won or lost games duo this.
It's your ISP (internet service provider)!
Is your connection stable today?
Are you getting DC'D every few minutes just browsing your favorite web sites?
Is your net so slow that it makes you want to throw your rooter out of the window?

If you have any of this problems, then do not play.
Yes sure, you want to log in and have fun, but truth be told you are a "risk" factor and could ruin the game for your team m8's and any half decent "enemy" player who wanted to have a real match and not just an instant win.
The name of the game is team play , and this the start even tho it's a sacrificial one.

Second stage- You now have cleared the "First stage" and want to play.
But before you do enter the Que there is still something you might wanna do.
It's called "What champion(s) do I want to play today?".
We are humans, we are moody and have our days when we want to play some characters more then the other.
So for the soul purpose that "I want to win" attitude, browse trough your owned/free to play champions and make your pick.
Yes everyone want's to carry, but out of all the champions you should like and want to play a support, tank, offtank.
Be sure to know how to play those champions your are about to pick.

Ok you chose the champions that you want to play, you can fill any or almost any role now it's time to move to your rune page.
Make sure that the rune pages have synergy with the champions you want to play with.
Make sure that, those runes have utility, specially for those champions that you are not best with cause it can mean live or die, win or lose.

*Smart rune pages can be used on whole bunch of champions, but be aware that then you won't be able to get the best of some champions, but it's better that way then getting screwed when not playing premades*

Third stage- Also known as "Filling the role" stage.
Here you show your team spirit!! And for the sake of simplicity, let's make you the leader of the team .
First on menu are the bans, smart bans boost your winning chance by a ton.
Before you make them, consult with your team, ask them what they want to play and what champions they want banned.
Then you ban according to your team....

Ok so you banned probably the usual set of champions, and you have an overview of what champions your team want's to pick.
You see that you and the other 2 following you have strong picks that synergy well together. Then by all means pick that.
Now, the last 2 picks are for counter picking and filling in picks.

*That means you too when you have the role of last picking!!*

So what are strong (smart) picks?
Well strong picks are the ones that make or break the game by having synergy.
By all means a strong tank that can support your carries and you should have a strong AD (most likely ranged) and a strong AP carry.
Strong jungler who can control the jungle and gank effectively.
Strong solo lane character (some tanks are able to fill this role).
And a support or something that will make that duo lane strong.

The last part of this stage is the picking of the summoner skills.
Make sure to have spells like exhaust, ignite on your team.
Other spells are your choice, but make sure that they are useful for your role and over all game.


Now the game has started, you know what to do, with whom to lane and your over all goal.
Protect your jungler, gank the enemy jungler...all this depends how strong is your team early game...

Lane phase - The goal is to farm up and last hit. Sound like "I know that", but tbh most do not.
Most want that first blood (kill) by any means, even if they have to sit in the brush for the next 5min.
You must let your carry get the most of last hits (if you are a support then let him get ALL the last hits while you harass and protect him.
That's why a good set up is needed, you probably do not want two gold dependent champions in the same lane fighting for those creeps.

Be sure to not overextend and push too far!
You just make your self a target to the enemy jungler, while in the mean time you do not leave room for your jungler to gank them.

If you get killed by a mistake, make sure to realize what that mistake was and do not repeat it again in the lane phase even if that means turret hugging until the next stage.

Team fights -I see allot of players who ignore their team to go and farm in the jungle while the team gets raped over and over just cause it was 4v5.
So make sure to be present in team fights, you can not notice them.
Easy to spot!!
Is the enemy pushing a lane? - A team fight is going to happen.
Warded dragon, and a enemy jungler is going for it while his team is MIA? - A team fight is going to happen. (same for nashor)
Is your team pushing? - A team fight is going to happen.

Also common mistake is initiating a team fight when you know that you are out numbered and you know that someone had to blue pill back.
This happens also way to often and the rage begins.

One other thing about team fights is "where" and "when".
Some teams fair well better in the normal 5v5 clash, while other do better in the "surprise" attack.

For that purpose WARD'S ARE NEEDED , your support may want to buy oracle to destroy the enemy wards and ect...
That's called smart play, be ahead of your enemy, know your enemies actions and the chance of your winning is much better.

Pushing- Pushing when you have a chance is a big win factor in LoL. Push when you have the chance, even if you do not destroy the turret...you will next time and it will be easier.
Most common mistake here is chasing, you initiate a chase on low HP champs that could not possibly defend. Doing that you accomplish nothing then giving the enemy a chance to regroup.

*~I have a really bad experience with the last one....lost so many games cause of that*


The game has ended, win or lose...
Don't rage if you lost, rather look up on what factors made you lose the game.
(leavers and feeders are excluded from this guide since you can not influence them)

Also note that someone has to die, so if you got out played and the enemy team could just valce to your carry and kill him over and over....you lack team coordination and positioning.


Please leave your comments and suggestions!!!
I am way to sick to write any more detail, so leave creative response that will help or correct me...ty!!!

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I liked your guide very much, of course there was much basic stuff but there also were things I didnt know until now. Personally I'd like to know more about position, what is good positioning, what is bad positioning and why it's important at all. (Cause I'm not a pro or sth ).

Thx for your guide