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Season 3 Jungle Gold Question

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WP Narrov

Senior Member


There have been a lot of posts (both informed and uninformed) about season 3 jungle gold in comparison to season 2.

Please could someone in the Development team explain the thought process behind gold earn in the jungle?

Exp feels about right however I'm surprised there isnt an arbitrary calculation for how much gold junglers should get at certain points in the game.

For Example:

@ 11 minutes

Jungle gold = 70% of lane minion gold in one lane.

I think if the thought process for jungle gold calculation was opened up to the community there would be some good ideas to come out of the theorycrafters out there that may make the jungle a more exciting proposition and the stale Gp10 meta might be ditched.

In the new jungle I predict gp10 will still be pretty dominant.

To get the best out of Maokai/Malphite/Nunu/Cho'gath late game you build spirit stone & philo stone as two of the first 3 items (boots is the 3rd).

Whilst on the likes of Xin/Jax/Nocturne etc building Spirit stone/madreds razor, boots and Avarice blade as first 3 items is really good to set you up for mid/late game.

If these are the strongest builds to assist you in getting items in the late game then there is something fundamentally wrong with the jungle gold. Junglers shouldnt be forced to buy gp/10 to have an impact in late game and not feel like a second support.