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Ideas for new items and changes to existing ones

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i been thinking of several changes lately and some of them ( like the upgrade of hexdrinker) has been appearing in game so i thought i better post my remaining ideas before riot reads my mindeven more, especially now that season 3 is on it's way and riot been . This post has been edited during a long time tho so if there is some things in it which sounds a bit weird that is why.

These ideas are just my opinion on how the game could be improved. Feel free to comment about them but if you don't agree with them then please state why instead of something like “omg this sucks”.

1- Existing items

2- Reasonong about tenacity

3- New item ideas

1-----------------Ideas for changes to existing items---------------------

- Hextech gunblade

The first change that came to my mind was when they nerfed Hextech Gunblade. I am not saying that it was a bad move and i understand their reasoning about it. however, i feel that it stats are a bit to low now. so the change i have in mind is to add an uppgrade to it, kinda like some items in dota where u pay the the final amount several times to improve the item. for lol, i would suggest just adding an upgrade with the same stats as it had before the nerf but then make the upgrade cost a reasonable amount ( i won't say what they should make cost but i guess somewhere between 800 and 1500.

after that one i also feel that there is some items right now that aren't strong enough to keep for late game, the following list is those items and my suggested changes

- Cloak and Dagger

This item is probably the most underused item i can think of, and it deserves it. it's stats are horrible for a late game item and even mid game it starts to fall apart, sure the tenacity is a nice stat but it isn't worth it. it is a wasted item spot late game. A carry can't use it, a tanky dps can't use it, a tank can't use it and a support can't use it.

what i suggest is an upgraded version, it stats must be comparable to a phantom dancers ( not necessarily as good as the phantom dancers but at least comparable), if u get those stats, keep the tenacity (or maybe even increase it a little bit, i don't know, just a thought) and then i got the idea to maybe give it the same passive as Fizz and Hecarim have with no unit collision, this would make it viable for melee carries and and tanky dps champions as they will have an easier time getting through minions and with a stat increase the item will be acceptable late game.

Another possible unique active that you could give the item instead of the non collision is a 3 sec stealth with a pretty high cooldown. That could be an alternative that would be useful from early to late game ( however the price should be set so that you won't get it until early mid game or something). this is the most interesting of the two passives in my opinion, however I do know that It could be tricky to balance.

- Youmuu's Ghostblade

I feel that this item needs the same treatment as hexdrinker, it got all the stats it needs, but they are a tad too low to realy fit as a late game, give it an upgrade and i feel it would be used more. at the moment i don't really se it on that many champions other than cooldown based ones like Garen. it would also be nice to have another ad and crit item along with Infinity edge, especially some tanky dps champions where u want more crit but feel that it is not worth it building a phantom dancer, and if given an upgrade ghostblade could solve that problem.

bump up the stats to something like 50 ad and 20% crit and keep the rest of the stats as they are, at least i feel that would work out just fine. this is however, probably the item that i feel is the least problems of the ones i am listing, it is used but i still feel that just a little boost to i would be nice

- Chalice of harmony

Now i know that they just announced the new item based of chalice, but the change i have in mind is quite different, i really liked that they gave it an upgrade, and i am not going to talk about it. my idea is to add another possible upgrade to it, but instead of a caster item, i am suggesting a support item.

Supports lack a reliable and useful MR item as it is right now, yes of course they can buy a banshee's, however that is a mid to late game item, and it is not really for supports. a support needs to stay alive to be able to do their job, but a banshee's only helps them survive, not support. compared to the iron locket of solari which is a support item which gives them armor and health along with support effects.

the upgrade i suggest they add ( and i say add cause i don't mean they should replace athene's item, this is a completly different idea with different buyers) is an item which would be created out of Chalice of harmony and either a Regrowth pendant or a Ruby crystal ( can't really decide which would be the most fitting, the resulting item will have either HP per 5 or flat hp). They should also keep the mana regen passive from chalice. as well as increase the base stats of chalice so that the MR would be something like 45 and the mana regen to maybe 9 per 5.

the thing i thought of is that what if you gave it an active ability that gave a friendly champion something like 5% of their max mana per second for 3 seconds (a total of 15%) and had something like a 25-40 second cooldown. this would give champions other than soraka the ability to restore mana, and since the price would end up something like 1550-1800 gold it would be bought late early game or a mid game depending on the need and it would still have a use late game from a support perspective.

- Moonflair spellblade

This item just does to little, it is kinda the same thing as with cloak and dagger. if u want the tenacity u are most likely going to buy the tenacity boots ( see my reasoning about tenacity further down). with only 50 ap as it's other bonus it just not viable late game, my idea would be to give it an upgrade where you combine it with an amplifying tome, bringing up it's ap to about 70 ( might be a little to high) and then i would give it one of these uniques

the first is simply an active spell shield just like nocturnes with something like a 60- 80 sec cooldown, an offensive variation of banshee's passive i guess but with an active instead and also a higher cooldown

the second idea i have is a unique passive which gains a stack everytime you use an ability and then you can activate them to damage a target enemy with a scaling of maybe 75 per stack and a maximum of 3 stacks with an activation cooldown of something like 5-10 seconds. it could also be so that when you activate it the damage will proc on your next auto attack, possibly an ap ratio could be applied to it so that it is more interesting for high ap casters.

- Spirit visage

Spirit visage falls into the same category as hexdrinker if u ask me, it got a good passive and nice stat spread but the stats it give is just a little to little. i would actually like to see 2 upgrades to this item, one of them is a direct upgrade, increase the hp to 350 or 400 and the MR to 40-50. i would say that the 10% cdr is enough and you could increase the regen and self heal bonus up to 20% also ( might not be necessary but i don't think it would be too much to buff it just a little). If made we would now have a perfectly reasonable option to banshee's, but witch some cdr instead of mana and increase in regen and healing instead of the spell shield passive.

The support idea i got was if you added an upgrade which buffed its stats to something like 300- 350 hp, something around 40 MR, increased the cdr to 15% and left the regen and healing passive as it is stats wise but, you let the passive work on regen and healing that you apply to other champions. at least i think it could be a nice idea, and as i mentioned when i talked about the Challice of harmony, supports lack a mr giving support item.

- Haunting guise

This is another one of the items which are simply to weak late game, if you want the magic penetration you can as well go for an abyssal scepter. Thus gaining the same effect as the flat magic penetration but it works for all enemies around you as well as gaining 45 more ap and 57 mr. Sure, you will miss out on some hp but overall it's much more worth it. I guess you could just buff up it's stats, give it 50-60 ap, 400-500 health, something like 30 flat magic penetration and an unique active. I'm thinking something like an ability which increases the magic damage taken of the target. Could be something else but that would fit if you ask me, it would make it more of a single target item compared to abyssal which would then work better on multiple targets while still not diminishing the usefulness of abyssal.

- The need for a new ad and armor item

As i am writing this, there are 3 items that gives you both ad and armor, Wriggles lantern, Atma's impaler and Madred's bloodrazor. None of these items are really a viable choice for an ad carry to build if they feel they need some physical survivability and still wants some offensive stats. on the MR side they got both Wit's end if they want attack speed or Maw of malmortius if they want pure ad.

None of the 3 ad armor items mentioned above fits the same kind of role, Wriggles gives to little in stats to be viable late game, Atma's is only viable if you got the hp to make it's passive any good and Madred's only fits when the enemies got lots of hp as it's stats alone aren't that much better that Wriggles. i see two possible solutions to this.

The first and probably the easiest way to solve it is to add an item made up of either out of a BF sword and a Chain vest or an item made up of 2 Long swords, a Pickaxe and a Chain vest. this would give the item something like 50-65 ad and 45-55 armor which is enough if you ask me. An active effect could be added to it, something maybe like a temporary AD boost, that would benefit both ad carries and tanky ad dps champions.

Another options ( and this could be done anyway since i feel it wouldn't hurt too much) is to add an upgrade to wriggles, let it be combined with a pickaxe and either a Cloth armor ( this is probably the best if u think of how the stats will end up) or possibly a Chain vest (think that it would be a little to much armor on it) and then make it into something like Wriggles staff/polearm with about 50 ad and like 55-60 armor ( Cloth armor) or 75 ( Chain vest). It could keep it's wriggles abilities (ward and proc chance damage on minions/monsters) or/and it could gain a new effect. I am thinking either a mini CV ( you can only use it within a certain radius around you) or that you send out an invisible orb which you can then scout with which would last for something like 3-5 seconds. Both of these effects would allow you to go around the map a bit more safely since you would at least have one less place to facecheck.

A nice effect that any of these 2 items could have is that when the champions hp reaches 90%, 80%, 70%... etc, it releases a wave that deals damage and gives you either a part of it (then the wave can do a bit more damage but the healing would not be so big) or all the damage it does ( the damage would not be as strong but the healing would be stronger). This is just an idea tho.

- Adding another upgrade for the brutalizer and Warden's mail

both of these items only got one upgrade each so what if you combine them together with a Negatron cloak/null magic mantle into a new item, i am thinking a tank/tanky dps item which gives you something like 55-60 armor, 20 HP per 5, 30 ad, 10% cdr, the same passive as Warden's mail, 50-55/30 MR, and then a new passive that reduces the armor of enemy units that auto attack the owner of the new item by 10 per attack and stacks up too 3 times ( a total of - 30 armor in total)

It could be a nice option to have instead of or together with Guardian angel ( in the case of stats that is) but with some other nice things. It is not really necessary and is one of my less thought through ideas but it could be nice to add more options to the items.

2---------My reasoning about tenacity-----------------------------

I have suggested changes to 2 of the existing 4 tenacity items, the reason that i feel this way is because the MR boots give you the same amount of tenacity as the other items. at the same time boots are a necessary thing to have. this means that if you feel that you need the tenacity u can get both that and boots at the same time, this means one more item slot compared to if you instead bought some other boots and either cloak and dagger or Moonflair spellblade.

We can look at it like this, the spellblade as it is today gives 50 ap and 35 tenacity, it is a caster item so compare this. you buy sorcerer's shoes and the spellblade, what you get from these items are some movement speed, 35 tenacity 50 ap and 20 magic penetration. Now lets see what we could get if we used more efficient items. we instead buy Mercury's treads and an abyssal scepter, what we get from these items are the same amount of movement speed, 35 tenacity, 70 ap, 20 less MR on all enemies around you and 25 + 57 MR.

This is just an example but i hope you get what i mean. you sacrifice to much in my opinion for it to be worth it that is why i feel they need a boost, if just given some good passives and stat boosts then there will be a reason to buy them.

3--------------------New item ideas-----------------


A support item giving some health/health regen or mana regen and MR. it would serve as a MR version of Locket of the iron solari stats wise ( not necessarily the same numbers but you get what I mean) and with an unique active ability which silences enemies around you in a radius. It would help both you to survive and could stop channels or at least reduce the damage from casters, thus giving it a good support item status.

Chrono reverser

An ap and health item serving as an alternative to rod of ages or rylais crystal scepter stats wise. It would also have an unique active which would take your HP and mana back to the amount it was for something like 3,4,5 seconds ago. It would allow you to counter pokes, however, all healing or regen you would have gained in the time would also then disappear.

Soul splitter

A support item with some HP regen and something more ( Cdr maybe?), with an unique active which heals another ally and damages you, heal and damage got a base value and scales with level, maybe something like 100 + lvl*15 ( a maximum of 370 then) with a cooldown of maybe 20-45. It would allow supports without heals to have an emergency save in tight situations or if they needed to go back they could heal up a teammate before they leave.

Mana Flare

Ap and mana item with decent in both of the stats, has an unique active wich takes a percentage of your max mana and deals it as damage to a target ( the mana is removed from the champion as a cost and if the champion lacks the amount he/she can't use the ability). I'm thinking something like either 15 or 20 % base with a scaling of like + 1 % per 200-300 mana the champion got, or just a base value of 25-35 %.

Cyclone Katana

An ad and crit item with a unique passive that gives the chance to reset the attack timer on hit, also got the unique active to deal your attack damage in a radius around you, which can crit ( crit chance the same as on normal auto attacks). It would fit the tanky duelist champions which maybe wants some more crit but also some ad ( stacking infinity edges is a stupid idea if you ask me). Could also work as an alternative to infinity edge for those champions since on some of them you just get some crit chance and the passive and active of this item may be more worth it than infinity edge in these situations.

Magic gloves ( lame I know but who cares it's just a working name)

An item to make the hybrids more viable. Every attack deals a base amount of magic damage + a scaling ratio. Either the base and scaling increases per attack ( kinda like rageblade) or it just got a base amount. The stats on the item can be quite low overall ( it is all about the passive anyway so). It could bring some of the hybrid builds up to a more competitive status, I am not saying that they are not viable as they are today, but I barely see them. It could also open up hybrid buids for new champions. I could see for example a tristana with this item, building ap and some attack speed would allow her to both deal decent ability damage as well as auto attack damage (the item would increase the damage on her auto attacks and since she got an attack speed boost herself it could become quite high in combination with her abilities). And things like ap/as jax could become quite strong. Overall I think it would open up new and interesting builds for a lot of champions both new and old.

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I understand where you are coming from, but if you want tenacity you have to be willing to give something up. AP's carry's main concern shouldn't be tenacity, so it is a gambit. Either you can have it and lose damage, or keep damage.

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I understand where you are coming from, but if you want tenacity you have to be willing to give something up. AP's carry's main concern shouldn't be tenacity, so it is a gambit. Either you can have it and lose damage, or keep damage.

Yes i see what you mean and i agree. i don't want to make spellblade as good as for example rylais crystal scepter or something like that. i think i might have exagurated on the buff on cloak and dagger tho.

No, what i mean, and maybe i was unclear, is that there is no meaning of buying any other tenacity item other than the boots. it's as i said in my example. since you need to have apair of boots, the tenacity boots are the only viable choice if you want the tenacity, if you instead buy another pair of boots and one of the other tenacity items you will have worse stats late game compared to buying tenacity boots and a more specific item.

the problem in this lies in the fact that every champion got to buy boots, and no, i don't want to change that. what i want is to make the other tenacity items viable. to make them an alternative to the boots. and the way i see it is that the best way is to buff them just a bit. the other alternative i can come up with is to buff boots but i feel that it's better to buff the items in my opinion.