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End of Season 2 Patch Notes

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That would be stupid. Then it'd be much too easy to harass and kill with her on early. With having to cast or hit on the target again, it's too easy already.

If the solution suggested by several people would be applied, you know making the loss/gain of elo dependant on how well s/o did, the problematic times of back in beta would be reached once again. Back then, things would go like this: After five to eight minutes, there always was the first afk, and the second after ten to fifteen. The reason was simple: the k/d influenced how much elo one lost/gained.

If you lost, you lost elo (back then it really was called elo, it's rating now) depending on how many deaths you had. So logically, If you want to have a proper elo to show off, you needed to check how the game went. If you saw your allies die in their lanes, the best thing to do was just go to base and stay afk until the game was over. Tribunal didn't exist back then, and GOA/Riot couldn't keep watch of everyone.

So basically the result was, that there was no such thing as a mid or a late game, because 90% of all games ended in a surr 25 (reduced to 20 later), since if you decided not to surrender, it meant playing either 4v5 or 3v5.

Another problem would be that the meta would be completely broken. Noone would agree to play a support on ranked. That would mean gaining less/losing more elo after all. Who would do that?

But if you would combine 2 solutions, there might be a way. Might make another thread about that another time.

There were several suggestions, by me too, to enforce meta. To make players choose their role or have them assigned. If you would use that, then you could very well make the gain/loss of elo dependant on your k/d, and just make it less dependant for roles that aren't supposed to get fed (jungler and support). How about that?

I personally do not really like the idea for prechosen roles. It will limit the game too much.
The real problem in the system I suggested is really the support. But I have reaaaaly a lot of ideas in my mind and I think it is possible to make it fair. The idea is to keep track of completely EVERY STAT IN THE GAME. The supports are played for a reason. They are viable and they have really big use, so there is a way to evaluate their role.