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Good 3vs3 Lineup

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Hello guys.

I was wondering what kind of heroes you like to play, or you like to play with in 3vs3. I really like the beefy heroes like Dr. Mundo, because he has high survivability, packs a bunch of damage and helps the team with escaping enemies through his cleaver (slow). Basically I think, since you don't have a 5 man team where everyone takes on a different role (carry, mage, support), it is better to take alrounder, who are good at everything, and alright in every stage of the game.

I suppose an annie would wreack havoc early game, but will become useless quick.

Since I am new to this game and don't know many heroes I would suggest something like, Mundo, Shaco, Morde/Nunu/etc.

Of course it always depends on the enemy line up, but what would you consider to be a strong, solid 3v3 lineup, for good soloing but great for teamfights too?

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Blue Monday

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The key to winning 3v3 games is to form teams using semi-tank champions, or others with rather high HP, survivability and versatility.

As you noticed, Mundo is a viable pick in this mode, so as Jax (much better 3v3 than 5v5). Zilean is considered decent in this mode as well, thanks to his ultimate, as we have only 3 players in team, thus fighting 2v3 (after bringing a teammate back to life with Chronoshift) gives one a huge advantage. Furthermore, some champions are generally useful on 3v3, such as Garen, Mordekaiser, etc. You should also consider using Tryndamere, know for his fantastic backdoor skills on TT, though he's countered easily.

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build your team around gragas

No, not the old bandwagon innvervating locket + spirit visage one, the damage dealing one. The gragas that gets RoA and nashors tooth.

Also, you need 2 stuns. So to go with gragas good chars are anivia, kennen, panth, sion, etc

you need 2 ignites and 2 exhausts on your team as well. Other spells should generally be ghost, maybe flash

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There are several good lineups for 3vs3.

The best is to have a support/dps/realtank lineup.

The champs that work best in this combo are:

1. Janna, amazing support, she shields, slows, heals and knockups, what else do you want?
2. Morgana, decent damage, nice black shield and an AOE stun+dmg.
3. Nunu, great slower, nice ultimate and he can tank and deal pretty good dmg.


1. Xin zhao, this guy is amazing when babysitted by a support + he has everything a good carry needs.
2. Jax, hees really viable in 3vs3, this becuz theres less CC around and he can leap over walls, so great mobility.
3. Sion, maybe it may sound weird, but a good sion is a beast in 3vs3 (go look up KoK Tidus, then you know what im talking about)
4. Akali, when played right, shes a beast. Period.


1. Rammus, when played right, rammus is a beast, he taunts the enemy carries away from you're supports + carries and has decent damage and high mobility.
2. Shen, same for rammus, nice taunt, global teleport to jump in and decent damage.
3. Galio, he can be really annoying with his taunting ulti and has the ability to ''poke'' his enemies.

The way you want to play the game is sending the tank top and let him dominate top, Dps + support down. This way you can pressure up and forcing them to stay at their towers while bottomlane will continue to push. After a pushed creepwave, get the red buff (imo the best buff in 3vs3 becuz of the DoT and the slow) for the carry.

Thats how you play high elo ranked games ^^


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udyr, vlad, mundo is da best