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Mmr suxx

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Just another ranked game.....

started good, i got FB in the jungle with olaf and stuff i was good like alawys ^^.....at the 25th min we were pwning the match.....by the 35 min they were 1 shotting us.

finally we won, but we had no inhibitor up.

at the end of the match i was interested about my opponent's stat and just checked it....

opponent team
-1st guy had 77 wins
-2nd guy had 55 wins
-3rd guy had 295 wins
4th guy had 180 wins
5th guy had 220 wins

after thinking for a while i got interested my mates stat too cuz i couldnt believe that i have played against such an experienced players..... my mates had 10 or 20 wins, one of them had 130 wins and i had my 90 wins.....i was like OMFG whats going on at the RIOT.....well....i just want to ask you if you think this is normal and fair for me to play with noobs and loose because my team sucks against guys whom are just spaking the keyboard in their whole life????? WTF GOING ON??? this isnt normal...riot do sth with it its terrible.

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It's not about wins, but about your rating. Maybe someone has 10 wins and 2000 loses meaning he is expierenced player just has bad luck with team.

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They can aslo be in a team so the ratings are different.