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Support Runes?

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White Mage



I play a lot of different supports, depending on the AD carry. I've decided now I'm level 30 it's probably a good idea to buy into some runes.

I want a page that will work with all of the supports, instead of just focusing on one. But I'm not sure what runes I'd be better off going with for that, so I was just wondering if someone could help me out a bit with it. :')

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Senior Member


Standard support page is Armour marks, Armour seals, Mr/Level glyphs and gp/10 quints.
Don't run gp/10 seals, armour seals are far superior as they help you survive.
MR/level can be swapped for flat mana regen if you feel you run out of mana too much.

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Senior Member


Personally I go for Armor, Money and Mana, yes even gold seals. Combined with gold masteries you can get more items than the usual support, even without gp10 items, thus granting you more armor or resistance than runes.

I still think about replacing Mana with Manareg, since I always lack mana on high spam supports like Sona, but Alistar and Leona are always fine.

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You want the D

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Really they depend on the support, but this is generally the most common page:
Armour Marks/Magic Pen marks
Armour Seals/GP10 Seals
MR Scaling Glyphs ( no real variation on this )
Gold Generation Quints.

of course there are some supports that require some more specific runes ( I like to run Magic Pen on Sona, for the extra poke damage inlane or Mana regeneration for Taric since his mana costs are pretty high)
Leona Janna Lulu Nunu are bearable without any form of mana regeneration in their runepages .

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ShinJi senPai



THIS BUILD IS ALL COME FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE AND PERSONAL PREFERENCES. I'm a player from SEA at 15XX-16XX ELO. Support used to be my main role. Thou I prefer to support if I joined any team.

I kind of prefer aggressive style ranged support especially Sona and Janna. Sitting back and relax, heal or shield when you need to is not my style. To me, Its like reducing half of the champion capability.

I would go for

Aggressive harasser ( Sona **, Janna, Blitzcrank , Lux , Lulu , Nidalee etc )

AD Marks/red // Armor Seal/Yellow // Ap/Level Glyps/Blue // M.Speed Quint.
**My preferred Sona Runeset

Pure AP supporter ( Soraka, Alistar, Nunu, taric etc )

AP Red // Armor Yellow // AP or MR(if tank) Blue // M.Speed Quint

Note: **CDr on Glyphs is another good option instead of AP


AD Red gives early damage while saving your mana for defensive purposes. You always out of mana most of the time.

Yellow Armor is base protection during laning phase, is a must get.

AP Blue This is kind of optional as most support is ap based, since I go for AD Red, I need some AP to increase my output as a harasser while giving saves kill. Personally, for early game or laning phase, AP gives out much better damage than MPen. AP also allows your shield or heal to be better.

Optionally, you can go for AP Marks with MR/Armor Glyph

To me personally, Support does not only babysit, you have to harass or zone out opponent from getting CS or getting near your ad carry.

AD Red allows you to deals good early game damage with Auto Attack. Combine with move speed quint, you could able to hit and run easily while not taking most of the damage. Just try to hit when your enemy tries to last hit a creep. Once you able to hit them up to a quarter of damage with AA and skills. You practically able to zone them without much worry.

**However this requires a lot of practice and might not work 100% all the time**


I can't of dont get why would a support need MR unless you pick tanky support.

First of all, you are not focus of the war during teamfight and laning phase.

Laning Phase :

You will always up agaisnt AD based champion at bottom lane. MR is not needed at all unless you up agaisnt non meta team.

Teamfight :

As I said, you're not the focus of the war. AP's allow you to heal your ally more and deal more damage at the same time. Most support has good number/range of CC with them, using CDR is a wise option as well. However, CDR does not help much during early game. Sometime I go for a mixture of AP and CDR Glyph in my runeset for support,

M. Speed Rune
Allows you to run/kite/survive/chasing more easily. (bait)
Allows harassing to be done more easily.
Better in evading skillshot
Easier to roam for warding purposes

An assist/kill could give as much as GP10 quint give from time to time unless you go for GP10 Yellow and GP10 Quint.
*I just don't like sit back and wait for GP10 to kick in.*


Any critique is encouraged, but please give a reason on what your comment.

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Senior Member


I think armor seals and marks are quite must. If you go more for damage then you are more easily bursted down at lane (especially against Graves/Taric(or Leona) combo) and thus feeding the carry and making it harder to lane. Glyphs can be changed from mr/lvl to something else (like ap/cdr/manaregen) but there are some support champions that can make surprisingly much dmg (IE. Leona and Sona) So it's not always advisabe. I wouldnt change GP/10 quints just because you will never know if you have to be more defensive and can't afford to be aggressive.