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How to play Gangplank?

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Can somebody please tell how to improve my way to play gangplank? I find him a very squishy champion and he got only 2 abilities which deals damage. I tried to follow some guides like starting with Crit+potions solo top but i always get ganked easily because of my lack of speed. I really love gangplank but he's really too weak compared to most of solo toppers around ( Yorick for example). What kind of champions can Gangplank counter? I would really appreciate if somebody can please write me some tips and tricks (not last hitting with Q or stuff like that, i know the basics just something more advanced) and also link me or write a valuable guide vs most of solo top champions or at least some situationals items. Please help a poor landlubber! Thank very much!

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I generally like to build Toplane Plank as a Tankplank.
Meaning I get early levels in W asap.
(Does not mean I start out with it )
But @ level 5 I generally have Q @ 1, W @ 3 and E @ 1..
Otherwise Keeping a safe distance and generally Poking with Q (If you want to max it asap)



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hi, you chose a great champ to play.
You are right that he is pretty squishy and therefore it is not recommended to go critplank.
Tankplank is a more viable choise.

This is how I play him:
Start with boots or regrowth pendant and pots (depends on the enemy)
Build philosophers and heart and berserkers boots.
Then go for warmogs and atma's. this way you will get your crits
then go for more health, more armor or more magic resist depending on your enemies.
GP gets AD from his E and from atma's once you have that.
Great fun to play.

He's pretty difficult to play against most other solo tops, but you can sustain with regrowth
and your abilities. Ganks help alot, but you wont always get them.

Good luck and have fun!

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Yeah man Gangplank is good.
First off all you need to know his early game isn't the best, he might even be considered "weak" early game. Other Champions are powerfull from the start but Gangplank needs a few levels before he can really bring the pain.

There are a few possible starts for a Solotop Gangplank:
-Boots+3 pots
-Dorans Sword/Shield
-Cloth Armor+5 pots
-Regrowth Pendant+1 pot

Everyway has its benefits vs different lanematchups, so for example if you know yorick will poke you alot you may wanna start with more def+pots.
General focus on farming and poke a lil bit, if you see you can kill do it but play defense first.

I for example like to build Phage as my firs item into either Trinity Force or Frozen Mallet, I usually max my E first, it gives you movementspeed and dmg, which is very helpful to attack or escape.

Since your abilities arn't meant to burst down a champion, you should build a Phantom dancer+Infinity Edge to really increase your Dps.
Have Fun!

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Well I see Critplank lost his popularity due to changes in gamestyle but It may still be viable and funny to play if you have a tanky teamcomp . Of course you'll get focused down then you have to choose wisely how and when u'll engage. If your playing high-level Critplank isnt a viable build but still its funny when you play Normal games with "not-that-good-players". But the early relies too much, really too much on luck based on your % crit chances. Still if you face at toplane a champion like Nasus or others weak early game it may be funny.

Well thats not what I wanted to say first.
Now I go for this :
I advise you to check gangplank's whole stats and skillsets/ratios on lolwiki : Gangplank the Saltwater Scourge (http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Gangplank_the_Saltwater_Scourge)
Once you have some more informations you can try to build Gp on your own way, you may fail some games but you'll LEARN more by doing this by yourself than asking others.
Trust me I coach tons of people there I even made a website with begginners guide to LoL. I can't link it here since its a private website.

While in-game, first of all you have to understand what's going on. Don't make an item your objective, you'll adapt even more to the current situation. But care to don't buy an item that appears to be the right one but in fact not :
Sometimes you'll think that you are dieing too fast, my advise would make you buy some HPmax but you really have to understand the problem you encounters because buying HPmax maybe won't help you more. Sometimes the problems appears to be something but its something else.
Like if you face a nasus and you loose the trade maybe you should buy more damage instead of more life, or maybe more life instead of more damage to force him to break the fight before you do, you have to choose and kinda place a bet on this item. I dunno if its clear, English isn't my native language so im a bit unsure of what i'm writing right now.

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You want the D

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5 Builds for gangplank:
Gankplank (Jungle Gangplank)
Bankplank (Stacks GP5, runs GP5 runes/masteries and farms with q for insane gold income)
Tankplank (Builds tanky on top lane with some damage)
Supportplank (Supports the AD carry by maxking E/Q)
Carryplank (Rapes squishies with Parrley!)