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A new Yordle Champion

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First, let me list all the Yordles:
Poppy, Rumble, Teemo, Amumu, Kennen,
Heimerdinger, Ziggs, Veigar
Corki, Tristana, Lulu

(I listed them based usual lane placement; top, mid and bot respectively)

So how about this for a suggestion for the adorable race?

Master Yi found another disciple (or even WuKong's FIRST disciple for that matter) lost somehow far away from Brandle City (hometown of most Yordles) (possibly near Ionia where Yi hangs out) because he thought that he could find some rare materials or something.

This Yordle is Heimerdinger's best student or something, so Master Yi decides to take him back home (out of goodwill of course) and also as a way of also thanking Heimerdinger for making his iconic 7 lens goggles.

Along the way, the Yordle is taught how there are more important things than materials to be "strong" and other lessons to inspire the little Yordle.
He also decides to teach him the Wuju style (a style of SPIRITUAL awareness, juxtaposing his PHYSICAL awareness of his surroundings through the use of technology) on the way back.

After returning home, the Yordle officially becomes Master Yi's Disciple and decides to continue to follow him and help his aim to end the predation of Noxus and keep the Wuju style alive.
But not before he uses some materials to make a technological sword of some sort, which allows him to use the Wuju style even more effectively considering his Yordle physical limitations.

His lightweight sword would therefore be the theme of his skills;
Such as maybe being able to elongate the from a medium sword to a long and thin longsword to increase attack speed or even stab to cause bleed?
Using the same concept, another move could be a pole-vault, (similar to Fizz?) to escape?
Maybe another ability that is spiritual based to show that he has learnt the Wuju style proficiently, which could empower his sword or make him focus? (AP or AD based?)

I actually find the idea interesting, but of course I would since I created him.

TL;DR - A new Yordle using a sword?

Would anyone want to suggest a different idea for the skills, concept or even suggest a new Yordle champion?
It seems that there is a deficiency in the bot and mid lane, with only 3 yordles using melee attacks and only 1 Yordle that is a support.

(Inspiration from this thread: http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=827430)

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Could use a "real" ranged AD carry, since all Yordles that can fill that role have AP ratios on their skills.
Perhaps another scientist?

Anyway, gotta agree with this post, I like yordles, especially Ziggs and Rumble.

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Never trust a Yordle!