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Jungle Leona!

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So... I tried this in a custom game, but after a usual SoloQueue...Screwup, I was forced to jungle Leona in ranked.

For the record: I wanted to play Leona support, but there was a duoQ with a Nunu support, so instead of playing Nunu jungle (the easy solution), I had to jungle Leona.
Just... Solo Queue.

Runes are for the usual Attack Speed Jungler:
- AS Reds
- Armor Yellows
- Scaling MR Blues
- AS or MS Quints (I took AS)

Masteries were 9/12/9 or some similar Alistar stuff (with ArPen, AttSp, Bladed Armor, Buff Duration and those goodies).

Boots and Pots, I started Wolves with help then Blue with a Leash. Q to E, then gank top or mid. After that, level W first.

Items: Madreds into Philo Stone, then Wriggles into Wit's End or Ionic Spark, then tanky - with all those CDR and Health goodies like Frozen Heart, Shurelia's and Frozen Mallet (or Triforce if you are cocky).

Verdict: Extremely vulnerable to counterjungling (but hey, its soloQ!), Leona can't duel for her life (just stall it until her teammates arrive), but deadlier ganks than Maokai at lvl 3 and even more at lvl 6.
But unlike him she clears slow as FUNK before she gets her Madreds - but she probably has a better late game.

So if Eve is banned (and every other jungler magically disabled), better pick Leona as a Jungler. She's more fun to play, she can actually gank and she scales into late game!

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I've also jungled Leona once. The early jungling is very slow, but the ganks are good, to make up for that.
Leona scales really well into lategame. In the jungle she can actually accumulate some gold for items. I would build her with Wriggles, TriForce, Randuins, Frozen Heart, Sunfire and Wits End or GA. She is really dangerous for the enemy carries as her E allows her to ingore the frontline completely and dash straight to the carry, keep him stunned, deal damage and just keep them out of the fight.

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Control Me

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If they changed so she could activate her passive on her own she would most likely become a viable jungler, sure she would still be slow but I think she would become slightly faster than Nautilus in the beginning.
Though she would most likely become very mana starved even mid-game without blue.

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I play "a lot" (means that i do it often but not always) Leona in the jungle. And i can say it works not bad in basic elo games (means 1200-1400 but i saw it in 2k elo games but it was not really sucessful :s) and can work well in normal games.

- Can tank every monster in the jungle (blue, red, drake, nashor)
- Don't really need buffs, you can give all buff (i start at red and give first blue to mid)
- Really good ganks since lvl 2, really strong ganks after lvl 6
- Can build with everything: Aura tank, Tanky DPS (not really strong but still possible), 4k HP/200 armor tank, AP Bruiser (same as Tanky DPS)...

- If you don't buy stuff to increase you jungle speed (like Sunfire Cape + Abyssal or just AP), this is going to be slooooooooooow
- Can not 1v1, so really weak vs counterjungling
- Can not swonball
- Can not secure buffs (easy to steal)

For masteries im doing 0/15/15 (cause im doing a full tank/aura tank build). Im tanking all the gold masteries in utility (really useful).
Runes (just classic runes for jungle):
- Red: Attack Speed
- Yellow: Armor
- Blue: MR/Level (flat is also good).
- Quint: Move speed.

I usally (not always) start with Regrowth Pendant and Potions (with masteries) at red buff. I ask help for wraiths and red buff then i gank top if purple team, bot if blue team. So the first skill is Q, the second is E. But after lvl 2, skill order is R > W > E > Q. After my first gank i leash blue buff for mid if needed (give blue to Vladimir, yeah! )
Then i try to gank anytime i can, but i always try to farm my jungle when i cannot gank.
My build:
- Regrowth + 2 potions
- Boots + Philo
- HoG
- Upgrade boots (mercuries or tabi or mobility)
- Try to have a Warmog quickly
- If i have a Warmog, i buy Zeke
- Aegis
- Randuin
- Shurelia
- If no Warmog: Frozen Mallet

End game stats
4500+ HP
~190 armor (without W)
~140 magic resist (without W)
40% cooldown reduction
Active items: Shurelia, Randuin
Auras: Aegis, Zeke

This build is not bad if you are playing Leona as a support (it is just an aura/tanky build) but this will be harder to get enough gold...

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why not allow leona to proc her passive on minions + monsters but not on enemy champions? that would make her quite a competent jungler and move her out of the 100% support role a bit. her ganks are deadly and it's quite known that tank junglers are really really good, especially if they don't need many items to work well (hi mao/naut)

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i can understand people raging about leona solo top, she has not real sustain , and even if u can poke hard your enemy with combo, after that you are so weak to all ins or enemys trades, if u are forced to use your skills to defensive purposes you burn mana to fast. But I dont get it at all why rage against jungleona, with jungle rune/masterys and razors she has average clean speed , and she has legendary ganks , if your mates are liable you will gank with high rate of success. Leona is not the only weak to counterjungle, mostly all primal tanky junglers are very bad duelist , and nobody rage against nautilus/amumu/mao jungles. Of course you should invest in some wards to seccure your buffs like when u are playing other tanky junglers , and request help when u spotted scumbags trying to steal your buffs. I really dont like leona in bot lane because she is item dependant, and there are far better supports than her, leona needs the gold, and if you are buying oracle and wards like u should , you have not enough money. Leonas rol is about engage out positioned enemys and disabling them , if you are squishy like cupcake you cant do it right.
in the jungle she can take enough gold

Core: Boots(speed , cdr or tenacity as u need)
razors for jungle purpose
Shurelia(cdr , nice hp and dash for better engage? yes it is a must)
Sunfire cape (leona is the daughter of the sun, buy it! :P)

If you wanna some dps and enemy AP carry its not scary ---> Wits end + abyssal fits with your cape.

If you are going for such a golem build and you just wanna be indestructible go for FoN+Frozen heart if u buyed tenacity boots , go for FoN+Randuin if u have CDR boots.