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How to counter diana?

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kT Alex



Hello since the release of Diana all my games have been disastrous, her Q hits really hard and has high ap ratio, her ult refresh thingy is really lame and she has a lot of hp per lvl and high hp in general. So how do i beat her in mid/top? i have tried vladimir and gragas both beaten extremely easy. How do i counter Diana? I´ve been on verge of staying out of the league because of this op champ.

P.S why do people always downvote comments even if theres nothing wrong with it?

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Erectamus Prime



You counter Diana by beating her very early. Wukong, Renekton and Darius are the champions I have succeeded with in top lane. Also spending lots of time in brush makes her want to use her Q blindly and if she missed, capitalize on it, IMMEDIATELY! LeBlanc and Kassadin absolutely **** on her mid and Karthus, Morgana and lux counter her with their range and safety meaning she can't snowball. Also say SS and ping the **** out of team-mates is she goes missing because she snowballs so efficiently.

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Senior Member


The trick to countering a champion is learning to play the champions that you like, so vladimir and gragas would be, try playing vladimir as a Tanky-mage with rylai's crystal scepter, mercury treads, spirit visage, etc. Make sure you have 4 stacks on your E for maximum damage and ignite her after you use ur ulti. Get as much farm as possible. If you feel she's escaping from you or has attack speed buy a randuin's omen.

With gragas he's a complicated champion but I'd recommend a tanky hybrid build with items like rod of ages, lichbane, hextech gunblade and possibly a rabadon's deathcap. Make sure you do stuff like throw your Q out and when she walks away from it throw your R at her so she lands right next to your Q then explode the Q and body slam her (activate W before any of this happens). Her attack speed will be slowed by your Q so don't mind her passive.

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Terror Squirrel

Junior Member


people here said everything i guess.
Analye enemy-champ before u want to counter him.

-in early squishy/medium health
-snowballs like a boss
- is an assassin so if the q hits u, u wont get away that easy.

so now try to counter it:

1. Defensive playstyle:

If u wanna play defensive u need very high lane sustain, though its not easy to dodge the Q of diana. Vlad with his great dodge spell , or galio cause he's fkn tanky, should be a good choice.

2. Offensive playstyle:

If u wanna go agressive vs diana u need a champ that can snowball better or snowballs the same and has more sustain. it's getting a bit difficult here.
u could play Katarina (harass Q, and jump out of her Q with E) or maybe vlad (hes getting health back. diana isnt) . I personally favorise Akali. Why?
Because Akali's Q->hit comb is one of the best snowballs in early. and with W spell u can get invisible so she will often fail her Q and even if she hits u can get away. I use runes+ masteries to get + 10 ad so i have 8& spell vamp (akalis passive) by spamming Q i regenerate a lot of health and do lasthits. U surely need some skill to dodge and stuff, but since youre lvl5 your Q does so much dmg and gives you some health back. Diana cant spamm her Q in early, cause she will get oom quickly if she does.

Anyway Diana is a very strong champ and should be not underestimated. If she gets some kills or chances in early, she can truly get OP, like other Assassins.