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Summoners rift and new maps.

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Hi all, this is my first forum post so be gentle.
I've been following the recent discussion by the reds on the subject of new maps and just wanted to say i believe that adding more game maps with different characteristics would probably seperate the playerbase into camps so does not sound ideal.

However visual makeovers of summoners rift might provide a welcome change of scenery so whilst the gameplay is the same it feels a little different. The jungle camps could be changed ( but provide the same stats/buffs etc) aswell but thats just me spitballing.

I was thinking the normal Winter/Summer/haloween maps being rotated and then perhaps adding themed maps. Desert rift for example, Demacian/Noxian/Piltover etc, a Summoners championship stadium based in the institute of war ( maybe a smaller 3v3 or ARAM type map )
These themes would also give players excuses to use some different skins ( i.e sandscourge skarner and sandstorm katarina on the desert map or glacial Malphite, Frejlord Ashe on winter ) which would perhaps lead to increased revenue for riot as a return on the development effort put in.
I wasnt sure if this thread was better off here or in the summoners rift section so Mods feel free to delete one