Counter Tryndamere?

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Well.....I see a lot of "Tryndameres" feeding as hell....even though he can't be faced 1o1 u still can get him....just chase him after he casted his ulti....ofc slow chars can't but with flashes or some other fast chars ( Yi ) u get him pretty easily after he ran away. Also a lot of Tryndameres just die the same time their ulti ends......if u give him 1 stun of 2sec, he won't has the time to fight AND escape later....he has to decide if he want's to live or to die XD

I know a lot of guys QQ because they almost killed Tryn and he casts his ulti finishes them off and escapes......but Stop thinking ME and MY champ can 1o1 EVERYONE....there are some champions you HAVE to take down with your team ( Cho , Sion+ ult , Mundo+ ult, Rammus).

Like Swain, Sion , Mundo....Tryndamer is a champion where u need to retreat when he casts/has his ulti and come back just when it ended to get him with his pants down.