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Ashe mid

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metas are there for a reason, nobody just decided one day to play like that. It took months of research into team comps by the best players in the world to come up with the "standard" meta because that's usually the best way to play.

Ashe mid has 3 problems:

1. 0 defensive skills unless you count her ult as defensive.
2. 0 burst, she is an autoattacking AD carry and needs time to stick on things to kill them. Most AP mids can unload all their damage within a matter of 2 seconds and against another midlaner that's usually all you get when you attempt a gank.
3. No sustain, sure you could chug pots all day and delay any sort of reasonable build or go for lifesteal early and then have no damage.

There are other things but those stick out the most.

Also garen+alistar bot: enjoy being range poked and forced out of lane or 0 CS

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I'm a old skool 2009 player and I quit for a long time.
I came back now and want to play Ashe mid but people flame.
I mean why does everyone have to follow a bruiser top, ad+support bot, and a AP mid?
Ashe used to go mid in the old days and it was quite normal, even twitch, teemo, heimer, ryze, nidalee, fiddle all could mid fine.
Now people are stuck in their meta game and only do AP mid and AD+Sup bot.

Try different stuff, for example Garen+Alistar bot, trust me, you'll rape about any AD+Support bot.

Just so annoyed you get flamed to death for wanting to play something different.

here is a quick summary if you've been away

early game AP + bruiser own AD carry HARD
mid game AP + bruiser own AD carry HARD
late game AD carry with IE+PD+LW+BT ownz all (if protected from damage)

AD carries can not win a lane against an AP mage these days.

You put your AP carry mid for these reasons:
can farm maximum gold and exp from lane for maximum scaling on a carry, and get lvl 6 FAST = strong ultimate which can be used for burst kills at mid or during ganks.

You but your AD carry bot lane (with a support) for these reasons:
AD carry's can NOT survive alone versus other roles early game, they are too easily hard countered by burst mages or armor stacking bruisers. They do not benefit from reaching level 6 fast as much as AP champions. They need a support to allow them to farm safely in a lane. The support needs to earn gold to purchase wards and aura items to support the team, but they are not allowed to take any creeps from any other team member, so they generally stack passive gold income items early game. You put the AD carry + support at bot lane and not top, so you have more people in bottom lane for dragon control.

You are then left with top lane.
You put bruisers here because they have very high sustain. Your AD + support will always be bot. Your AP will always be mid. You need someone who can go top and farm the **** out of the lane without ever having to go back to base, despite the enemies best attempts to stop you. A well farmed bruiser can carry a game HARD during the mid-game stages / early team fights, and end the game right there and then.

You then have a jungler, to maximise the gold and exp income for your team, and to apply pressure to the enemy lanes by ganking, forcing the enemy team to spend gold on wards. Junglers need to have fast clear times (some kind of AoE, good sustain) and good CC for ganks.

This is the basic strategy that you stick to when in a pick up group with 4 randoms who you do not know.

There are many advanced "meta busting" strategies, but unless you can fully explain to your team what you want to do and why within the short amount of time you have in champion select, stick to the meta.
Generally only bother with these at the higher levels of ranked play, or in a premade team.

For instance, you can stack MR and pick an Assassin to go mid, to prevent the enemy AP carry from farming. However if you picked someone like Talon, he only deals physical damage, so you will have to make sure you have a lot of magic damage from other sources in your team e.g. Vlad / Kennen / Rumble top, Phoenix Udyr jungle, AD Kog'Maw bot.

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Ashe mid doesn't really work. Ashe is rather weak in lane.
If forced to, Ashe can lane in mid though. If the player is skilled enough and the enemy is not, you can win the lane anyway. Last time I was forced mid as Ashe, I beat Cassio hard in lane, but that was only because the Cassio player was bad and I got some help from the jungler. Without that, I would have just lost the lane badly.