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Tribunal FAQ [Updated 18/06]

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I thought it was interesting to see the tribunal, i can savely say i'm a positive player (got 4 ribbons so far) and i wanted to see how the tribunal was handled to see the use my reports may have, and also what to look for when i should report.

Everytime i have tried i can't acces, and like you said, it has also been this last year.

I seriously hope they fix it, because otherwise it seems to me that the tribunal has not handed out the bans and restrictions everyone has been talking about, and it was all bots etc :/

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League of Legends Logic: U can troll how many times u want u wont get reported,
But if u say "Report xxxxx for trolling" u get reported xD

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Well I've been playing this game for going on about 4 years now and I can say without a certain doubt that the tribunal is useless and the only time I think I've seen it work successfully for anyone in the euw was over 2 years ago back when I had an account on the American servers. So if I summarise that information... The Tribunal is trash...