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Viable ranked 3v3 comps

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hey all, looking into doing some ranked 3v3 with team but as with most of the community, i dont really play Twisted Treeline that often in comparison to Summoner's Rift.

So I was just wondering what champions are currently viable in ranked Twisted Treeline?

I'm not talking about the obvious bruisers that have and always will be viable in Twisted Treeline I mean like Ap carries and Ad carries etc

Also what type of team compositions seem to do well in low and high ELO ranked 3v3?

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Viable AP and AD carries is pretty hard to find because they can't really "1v1"
I think that mobile champions are the best since they can kite pretty well, also some champs like Akali and Fizz can easily get in and out of battle quickly
for ad carries I'd suggest: Vayne(for her amazing lategame scale and good mobility), Ashe(for great CC and kiting) and finally Caitlyn(for nice early damage and good range to keep distance from their bruisers)
For AP carries I'd suggest Fizz(for great damage and nice assasin), Kennen(energy based so there's no mana probelms, also good CC), Vladimir(really potent substain and farming power, gets really powerfull lategame), Mordekaiser(really tanky for ap caster yet has great source of damage) and Rumble(tanky ap caster with great mid to lategame precence and damage)

For the team comps i think that an AP bruiser top is the best, I'd say Morde or Cho for an example, the to lane is all about farming so being a tanky farm machine is a plus, so you can join the teamfights and destroy their team
Bot lane should in most cases be an AD bruiser or fighter like Olaf, Lee Sin, Riven or Tryndamere, paired up with an AD or AP carry.
To solve farming problems at bot I usually let the carry farm the most but letting the fighter get some early kills(fighters tend to go for mid-game items like Wriggle's lantern, Ghostblade or or Hexdrinker while the carries, wich in this example is AD goes for Infinity Edge, Phantom Dancer or any other lategame item)
Hope i helped you out a bit

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im playing alot of 3v3 and as u and i know there is always a AP or AD carrie so i like a team set up that can focus like hell cus that realy important in 3v3 cus top is most of the time off-tank and bot lane pure tank with carrie so my team comp = cassio as ap carrie with rammus as tank bot and WW as off-tank top its realy easy 2 focus with this comp cus of ww his ulti and cassio ult that stuns everyone if u can place him and ramus with his taunt and cus of cassio aoe dammage and rammus is aoe ulti we get the enemy team realy fast down so i like 2 play this way but there are many other ways to play 3v3