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Disable Chat

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I started playing LoL some months ago and I find myself loosing all the will to play because of teams and players that are probably under 12 years old and CAN'T deal with loosing/having a bad game/failing. They wipe, they curse, they make me want to slap them over and over. I play this game for fun. Not to read "Skorpia why didn't you help me tho you were 3 miles away from me!! Skorpia why don't you do this or that", "I died but it was totally my team's fault... bla bla" "Noob, b****, f***, lucker, stu***. They even insult each other, and their families, and their pets and so forth.
I don't know if the chat may be disabled or if I can just block and/or ignore some players in an in-game situation but If there's not such possibility I'm asking now, to consider that matter. It's a suggestion, I know it might be bad for the team play sometimes but, if people can't control themselves I just end up by playing even worst and that just makes the game get worst.
That's my topic.

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You can drag&drop the chat window across the edge.
Simply press enter, than a blue bar above the chat window will appear.

Drag&Drop this bar...