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[Keybind suggestion] A new way of keybinding

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Lord Momo

Junior Member


Hello everyone, when I read the patch notes I got really excited about a new function: champion only targeting. I went straight to the PBE to test it out and sadly found that it doesn't work the way I hoped.

Basically, champion only targeting is a keybind (default [`]) that causes all targeting commands to ignore minions when it's held down, I thought this was impractical and we could do better with a revamp of the current key binding system.

My suggestion:
My suggestion is to have people assign champion only targeting to specific spell keybindings. Since this would clog up the keybinding window (I, for example would also like a keybind for Smartcast+Champion only, and other people might want Smartcast+Champion only+Self cast) I suggest reworking the keybinding system to a checkbox table format like this:

Spell___Key___Champion Only___Self-cast___Smart cast___Smart cast range indicator
1_______Q________[X]___________[ ]__________[X]___________[ ]
2_______W_______[ ]____________[ ]__________[ ]____________[ ]
3_______E________[X]___________[ ]__________[X]___________[X]
4_______R_______[ ]____________[ ]__________[ ]____________[ ]
Summ 1_D_______[ ]____________[ ]__________[ ]____________[ ]
Summ 2_F________[ ]___________[ ]__________[X]___________[ ]

It's a pretty bad table, but I hope you get this idea. This example table is for example how I would play taric (picked a champ at random):

His heal on champion only and smart cast
His shatter doesn't need any extra options
His stun on champion only and smart cast with a range indicator
His ultimate and flash don't need any extra options
His exhaust on smartcast

Ideally a player would also be able to add extra rows to this table, for example if you want your spells to behave differently if you hold shift. Also, being able to save different layouts would allow you to swap between setups fast at the start of a game.

This check list based table would allow players to fine tune their spell behavior to their liking, and if people think it becomes too complex there could also be an option to use the classic key binding screen.

Thank you for your time,

Lord Momo.

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Lord Momo

Junior Member


*shameless self-bump*