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Ezreal tips tricks etc.?

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Hello everone,Daskeizer here.

as the name says i need some (extra) ezreal tips.

here's some info from how i play ezreal

Name: Ezreal
AD/AP/Hybrid: Hybrid
Items: I start of with a Dorans blade,following with boots of lucidity,
My next items are hextech gunblade and guinsoo's rageblade
Then for a Banshee's veil,Nashors tooth and trinity force ( i sell Dorans later on )

I would like some comments on my build and some tips tricks to play him maybe?


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Dont play hybrid, it's both the dmg but both meh,

Go ad:
Infinity over Trinity, maybe rush a phage for the kiting (along with his e and q so hard for chasing, getting away) Black cleaver, Last Whisper and BT or something more tanky, Banshee's/GA.

Max q first then e. Make sure you w your opponent ad carry when going 1 on 1. Try to move between every auto attack to dodge things and hit as many q's as possible. Hitting an early ult can result in 5 stacks on ur passive.

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Indeed, dont play hybrid, go sheen inf edge and what the guy above me said xD. Use ur ult at the START of teamfights because it will hit many of them, hard. And it will give you stacks on ur passive

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I've been playing him a lot recently what with Pulsefire coming out and here's what works best for me :
grab a doran's blade at the start. If you get enough gold, boots + sheen.
My core build low level is : doran's, boots 1, sheen and brutalizer. Move to phage and boots of lucidity before going for trinity.
At this point, you should have : trinity, boots of lucidity, brutalizer and doran's blade.
From there, I grab a vamp scepter and either upgrade it to BloodThirster or go for Black Cleaver/Infinity Edge.
When you have trinity + 1 of the BF upgrades, and are getting focused because of how good you are (d'uh), get a gA or another defensive item.
It's been working great for me so far

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grab a doran's blade at the start.


boots of lucidity

please don't do any of these

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i play ez AD

I start with Dorans ( or boots + 3 pots depends on team )
Phage / Sheen / Trinity force
BF / Vampiric Scepter / End infinity egde
BF / End bloodthirster.

And the rest depends on the game.

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Well IMo AD Ez outclasses AP Ez by quite a bit, however AP Ez is still viable and can dominate if you're skilled. Hybrid Ez is useless and the amount of hybrids im seeing since this skin came out is depressing :/

Anyway for AD Ez i start with the basic AD carry start. Dorans Blade is im laning with a support who can heal (Alistar, Soraka, Sona), Boots + Pots if laning with a support who cannot heal (Leona, Lux).

Ezreal needs to be played aggressive as hell early game because his late game is below other AD carries like Graves or Corki. You need to be aggressive and press what advantage you have while you have it since, once the game hits around the 20 min mark, your advantage is gone.

Anyway to build i tend to go like this. If I'm having a BOSS early game and getting tons of farm with a few assists/kills then i go

Boots of speed > Bloodthirster > Boots 2 > Sheen > Trinity > Black Cleaver > Infinity Edge > Guardians Angel.

If I'm going to be a bit more cautious, or if im not sure how the game is going to go (A.K.A most games), I will build like so.

Boots 2 > Sheen > Bloodthirster > Trinity > Black Cleaver > Infinity Edge > Guardians Angel

This gives early game mana and movespeed/attack speed while sacrificing damage slightly early game. However this 2nd option is a MUCH safer choice and its easier to get :P I get it most games.

I know what everyone is going to say "OMG Black Cleaver!? The hell!? Last Whisper is obviously Better zomg!111!" Well let me tell you. Black Cleaver on Ezreal is so much better than Last Whisper. Since your Q procs on Hit effects, and since your attackspeed is gonna be huge you will apply all 3 stacks from cleaver in under 2-3 seconds. Thats -45 armor. Now, A Last Whisper would do slightly more for armored targets like tanks, right? That is true, however Last whisper is for you and you alone. Black Cleaver affects your entire team. For those low armor targets (Like the enemy AD Carry, you know him, He's your main focus :P) Black Cleaver is more effective than Last Whisper because of the flat Arp.