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"Cannot connect to the server"

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Hello, I have a really annoying problem. After, I believe, the Hecarim patch, something went wrong with my client. Almost every time I try to connect to the game, after the champion select phase, when the client should be starting, I get the "Cannot connect to the server" message. I tried literally everything to solve this problem, i have reinstalled the game many times, i have reinstalled the LAN card, i tried many DNS settings ( not shure why thogh ), the repair option in the client, it all didn't work.
Then i found this
000031.702| 225448.0000kb| -28.0000kb added| ERROR| Timeout while waiting for client ID
000064.155| 226336.0000kb| 888.0000kb added| ALWAYS| Disconnected
000086.463| 226288.0000kb| -48.0000kb added| ERROR| Timeout while waiting for client ID
000127.746| 226324.0000kb| 36.0000kb added| ALWAYS| Disconnected
000147.747| 226300.0000kb| -24.0000kb added| ERROR| Timeout while waiting for client ID

Have any of you have an idea about what could cause this problem ?