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CounterPick List

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Im trying to do a new counterpick list to share with the community. Im not a high ELO player so im searching different databases to compile everything into one and share with the LoL community and therefor i come to this forums to ask one thing

I would like to ask the aid of High ELO / Pro player to review my counterpick list so i can publish it with a good level of certain, that those counter are really counters (and the reasoning beneath the counter choice), therefor i want to ask for specific roles reviews, for instance i would like for Wickd (or another High top laner) to review the top lane counter pick because that where he plays 99% of the time , mid laner, jungler, etc...

If any High Elo player or Pro is willing to aid me in this task plz send me a message or an e-mail trough this foruns or reply to the tread

Thank you