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Prized Event FAQ

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eSports Coordinator



Prized Events are tournaments run by third-party organizers featuring prizes ranging from cash to hardware to Riot Points. These online and live events are for players interested in taking it to the next level of competition. Below, you’ll find a list of questions we’ve received from both organizers and players, and answers to those questions.

How do I participate in tournaments?

There are currently many tournaments hosted both online and offline in different regions. If you wish to participate in a given tournament, head over to our Competitive website and click “Browse Prized Events” or our Competitive Events forums located in the Competitive Play sub forum. In the future, we plan on integrating community tournament information to our competitive site to make it more convenient for those interested in tournament participation!

I recently placed in a tournament which qualified me for a prize and haven’t received anything. When can I expect to receive my prize?

Please allow up to three weeks to receive your prizes. Riot can only issue prizes when we receive confirmation from a tournament organizer that you are eligible for them. This ensures that players receive their prizes rightfully. If you feel like prize distribution is taking longer than it should, please contact the tournament organizer so they can reach out to us.

I have waited very patiently for a month or longer and still have heard nothing. What can I do?

If you have already attempted to contact the event organizer and feel like you have run out of options, please send an email to [email]tournaments@riotgames.com[/email] with the following information:

  • The name of the tournament you and your team entered.
  • The server your team competed on (North America, Europe West, Europe Nordic & East).
  • The date of the tournament (when you competed).
  • The prize you were supposed to get (example: $15 RP).
  • VERY IMPORTANT: The summoner names used by you and your team in competition. (If you changed your summoner name since the competition, we need your old one as well in order to confirm your presence at the event.)

Please allow 72 hours for a response to your inquiry. Please do not email support or any other Riot email; they will just forward your inquiry to [email]tournaments@riotgames.com[/email].

I’ve recently played in a tournament and am dissatisfied with the organization and/or have a dispute to report. Who do I reach out to?

We are sorry to hear you experienced any issues in the tournament. Your feedback is important to us; please email [email]tournaments@riotgames.com[/email] with any feedback or complaints about the tournament you recently participated in. Please also include the following information:

The name of the tournament you participated in.
The server you competed on (North America, Europe West, Europe Nordic & East).
The date of the tournament.
The tournament organizer’s name or summoner name.

Note that other organizations run Riot tournaments, and while we will enact what change we can on our end, not every complaint sent to us will result in a change

Where do I submit my tournament?

North America: http://competitive.na.leagueoflegends.com/competitive/prized/submit-tournament

Europe West: http://competitive.euw.leagueoflegends.com/competitive/prized/submit-tournament

Europe North and East: http://competitive.eune.leagueoflegends.com/competitive/prized/submit-tournament

What is the minimum number of teams I need to have in order to register my event?

We require a minimum of eight participating teams for tournament submissions. We hold the right to deny prizing if a tournament cannot provide adequate proof that this requirement was fulfilled.

Can I play in the tournament I am organizing?

We encourage all tournament organizers to follow tournament etiquette. In order to avoid any conflicts or bias, it is considered unprofessional for any tournament admins or organizers to participate in a tournament.

How late can I submit my tournament request?

You must submit your request at least 30 days prior to the start of your tournament. Anything earlier than that is also acceptable.

How do I know if Riot has approved my tournament?

We will send you an email confirmation of your submission. If rejected, we will state the reason for the rejection and allow you to try again.

How quickly will I know if my event has been accepted or rejected?

We do our best to send a reply via email within 72 hours of your submission. Due to the potential high volume of requests, please allow at least one week for a response.

I am interested in creating a collegiate league, who do I speak to?

For all college organizers looking to start a collegiate league, please email our Collegiate Coordinator: [email]JAWS@riotgames.com[/email].

My tournament was accepted. Do I need to show that Riot Games is sponsoring our tournament?

When we provide RP prizing for your tournament, we are not officially sponsoring it, so please do not display the Riot Games logo on any banners or websites. Think of the prizes we award as a bonus for helping grow and support our competitive scene.

I am running a LAN tournament do you have a LAN specific client we can use?

We currently only allow Circuit and Partner events access to our Tournament Realm, so please use the default server. If you wish to run an event that involves both EU West and EU Nordic & East, please submit separate events for the two. We hope to change this in the future, but we do not have a current estimate as to when this will happen.

I want to run a tournament in South America, Korea, China, Russia or Southeast Asian regions. Can you help me with prizing?

Currently, we only support community tournaments in North America and Europe. We are actively working on expanding to new regions so that everyone can receive support from us. We apologize if we cannot support your tournament yet.

Can Riot provide our tournament with swag too?

While we would love to provide merchandise and similar prizing to tournaments, we are unable to fulfill this request due to the volume of tournament submissions we receive. We are working to find a solution for future tournaments.

My tournament is complete. How do I report the winners and give proof that my event happened?

Fantastic! Please send an email to the person who sent you the confirmation email with the following information:

  • The server your event was held on (NA, EUW, EUNE).
  • The screenshot/picture or link to the brackets.
  • Screenshots or pictures of the event (we love to see these).
  • A list of winning summoner names in order of prizes (1st through 4th typically).

Please inform your participants it may take up to two weeks after you send us the results before they receive their prizes.

Does Riot Games have a statute of limitations (time limit for turn in) for organizers sending in a list of winners for a tournament?

Yes, the statute of limitations is 2 weeks from when your tournament ends. Failure to send in a list of winners and a bracket to your point of contact or [email]tournaments@riotgames.com[/email] will result in denial of prizing.

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Nice informational post. This should help alot of people.Thanks

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SVENSKT 2vs2 TOURNAMENT! http://www.facebook.com/SwedenLeagueOfLegendsTournament

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Good evening:

I'm preparing a Tournament and before I send the rules, dates, etc. by the Prized Event Submission I want to guarantee that I did it well.

I had two questions:

If the Tournament is played in Tournament Draft Mode, can Summoners with level 29 or less play it, if they own at least 16 champions?

And, due to it's the first time we organize an event like this in my Faculty, we had to estimate the number of teams that we can get. If I select the option "17-32 teams" in the Prized Event Submission, what happens if there are a few less or more teams?

I hope you can solve my doubts and I thank you for your help in advance,


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Is it allowed to ban people from a different nationality in your tournaments which is supported by Riot with RP? I think it is actually not responsible to do this.

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It has been over 1 month now since I participated and won in an ARAM tournament.
I already mailed RIOT with all the above information but still havent received and word.

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Fat 2 squirrels

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the EUW and EUNE links to submit a tournament request all lead to NA. Which means that we cant organize tournaments unless were at least level 5 on NA. Can you please fix this?

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Vicious Ziuu

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