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DirectX Error - Shader 2.0

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Since today i am not able to play LoL because there is a problem after chamiopns selection.
when the champions are selected the lol launcher closes and then i see the LoL logo, then when the loading screen should show up there is an window with the message:
"An unknown directX error has occurred. Please makle sure your card
supports shader model 2.0 and that it is using drivers from the
manufacture. "
before this i could play LoL very well. this problem could not be caused by my hardware:

Intel Core i5 2500K
Asus p8z68-V LX
Powercolor Radeon HD 6870
8 GB Ram Corsair Vangance
700 W Corsair GS700

maybe it could be that i installed a w-lan network card in my pc. but i already removed this and deleted all the drivers for the card and all programms which belongs to it.

I searched for this problem long time and I tried to solve this problem too.
I reinstalled the grafics drivers.
intalled net framework 4
installed abode air 3.2

i know my english is not the best but i hope you can help me to fix this problem!


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i forgot to say that i use windows 7 professional 64 bit.