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Hecarim item build

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mere formality

Senior Member


Hi, ive noticed theres been people moaning about hecarim saying he is far to weak. so here is a build for you peole who have brought hecarim and have not liked him.

phage>NT/MT>giants belt>cloth armor>frozen mallet>atmas>sheen>zeal>trin force>Force of nature>warmogs

in lane you want your E first... Then your Q, then your W... i max out Q first the W with E being last.

hecarim is the ultimate front line off tank. you will initiate with R, plucking your Q in the attack, with your W also on... use your E to either escape death(highly unlikely) or to catch up to a low health opponent trying to escape.

simple as that.. thats all hecarim is.... have a go and let me know what you think.