Sona - Infinite Power Chords

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i just played a Coop vs. AI game as AP Sona mid (awesome) and as we finished i noticed that your powerchord charge doesn't go away if you hit the nexus. I attacked it at least 5 times and all the attacks were W (Heal) Powerchords, dealing a really big amount of damage.

Equip: Ionian Boots, Blasting Wand, Needlessly Large Rod, Haunting Guise, 2x Doran's Ring

Runes: Mpen Red, Mres Yellow, Ap/Lvl Blue, Ap Quints

Masteries 21/0/9

I don't think this will do much impact as support Sona, but if you hit the Nexus for ~400 damage each shot it is kinda OP