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Evelyn Buff please give some Feedback!

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Senior Member


Hello there guys, I wanted to add some ideas for the leagues favorite UP charmp since Riot decided to take her stun away.
The main Problem with the new Evelyn is that her stun is missing and she lost a lot of her utility.

To fix that problem I thought about an Evelyn remake, which would not change much in the way she´s played but add a whole lot of utility and Dmg to her.
Since Evelyn is an Assasin she should get some more Nuke Dmg to do her job:
Kill the enemie carry. The name of her Ult is splitted in 2 Names Malice in Spite it gave me the idea that she could get a double skill ulti like Riven.

First activation of her ult, Malice which gives her the buff she already gaines by Pressing R. The second activation could activate a single target Nuke which scales let´s say for 1:0 or 0,9 Ap ratios and deal 100/200/300 dmg and stuns the hittet target for 1,5 seconds.

Just by adding this single buff to her she would gain the back the utility she used to had and also briefly more dmg.

Give me some feedback please and tell me your opinion for my evelyn buff if you don´t like it tell me why and don´t just donwnvote!

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You want the D

Senior Member


Evelynn needs a buff, but her ulty is fine by giving more attack speed etc and a passive heal whenever she gets a kill/assist.

She needs some rework on her q a totally new passive (Her current passive sucks) and maybe a tweak on her stealth. also a buff to her armour and base stats will be really welcomed

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I enjoy playing Eve a lot, but even though I've got decent tier 3 runes her damage output is terrible. I used to play her AP but since the nerf I'm only playing her AD and you know, that's not really how she was meant to play. My damage output is not even what it should be when I'm lvl 18 with amost full build... She totally became a quite useless champ, unless extremely fed.
Which almost never happens.

I agree they should buff her again. I don't even enjoy playing her anymore because of the intense lack of AP damage.. :c

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Senior Member


eve isn't going to get buffed till they have done the stealth rework which is meant to be coming out "soon"

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Kill Spank

Junior Member


Personally I don't think the stealth rework is necessary, I'm happy for the pure stealth champs twitch and eve to find themselves in normal games if not played ranked. Eve does need a buff in the interim although I disagree she needs a major rework. I think she needs

1.The mana cost on her q reduced and perhaps reduced further if used on a champ rather than minions.

2. Her passive changed...perhaps to something that reduces incoming damage for a short period if she enters combat with an enemy champ after not having done so for a time.

3. Change her slow to a fear/stun or perhaps a short slow/silence.

Also her AP burst damage can still be excellent considering she reduces arm/mres to help your allies and a lich bane compliments her so well. AP jungle ftw

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Urusai Yatsura

Senior Member


1.) wrong board (this is the beginner board, not the champion board)
2.) Riot (Morello) stated they wont buff Evelyn in any way, no matter what. Sorry bro. :/

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