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The Wrenchmen: Helping Solve Issues, One Post at a Time!

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Have you ever been faced with a technical problem preventing you from enjoying League of Legends to your fullest? Fear not! The Wrenchmen are on the case. Are you unfamiliar with the Wrenchmen program? No problem!

Wrenchmen are members of the volunteer program; users from the community who are extremely motivated and unselfishly help you solve technical problems related to the game. They are not employees of Riot Games, but we recognize them as community leaders and their experience and passion is taken seriously, and appreciated by Riot Games.

Q: How can they help me?

Plain and simple, the Wrenchmen assist with common technical problems. If you have a problem the first step to getting an answer is by posting a detail, clear, easy to read description of the problem you’re having. Be specific and when possible, use visuals such as screen captures to help make the issue easily understandable.

Q: Can Wrenchmen help me with every issue?

Unfortunately there will be times where contacting customer service is required. Wrenchmen can't access billing information or help you with account specific problems. Additionally, Wrenchmen don’t always have access to detailed technical information about what is taking place during an emergency update. If something unexpected happens, follow their advice and wait for someone of Riot Games to provide more information.

Q: I want to help! How can I join as a Wrenchman?

We’re always on the lookout for potential Wrenchmen, but we do so with the mentality that actions speak louder than words. If you’d like to wear the badge of a Wrenchman, show us that you can do it by helping answer the questions of your fellow summoners. We’ll be watching!

Q: No one has replied to my thread. What now?

In addition to the Wrenchmen in our Help & Support forums, you’ll find information on most common issues by utilizing the League of Legends Knowledge Base. From there you can also submit a request for help when dealing with account specific problems such as issues with Riot Points, etc.

Q: Why do Wrenchmen have various avatars?

You may notice that some Wrenchmen have different avatars, this is to separate relatively new Wrechies from those who have been greasing the wheels of player experience with their knowledge for some time. Every Wrenchman is chosen because of their dedication to detail and love for League of Legends.

Q: What is a Junior Wrenchman?

Junior Wrenchman is a rank for anyone who is new to the program! All new Wrenchmen will begin as a Junior Wrenchman.

Q: What is a Wrenchman?

Wrenchmen are members of the volunteer program; users from the community who are extremely motivated and unselfishly help you solve technical problems related to the game.

Q: What is a Senior Wrenchman?

Senior Wrenchmen will have the personal contact information of certain Riot Staff members. They are the leaders of this program and have the ability to suggest new Wrenchmen, and remove members that go inactive.

Getting you fast and effective help is a top priority here at Riot Games. We hope you find that the Wrenchmen accurately represent that priority.