lol system requirements

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i just thought about buying a netbook but i still dont knw what lol requieres to play..
i read somthing about 2GHz singlecore but what do 2GHz tell me??
different processors are different fast with 2Ghz
here an example:
core i3 1.3GHz: 48 Fps in SC2
amd ?? 2.2GHz: 35 Fps

i think this systemrequirements should be told in a different way for amd/intel
maybe u can create a benchmark which tests the system about running League of Legends

u cant compare CPUs by testing the count of GHz because it tells not much about the abilitys of it.

futhermore, i think LoL should use more than 1 single core of a prozessor..
Maybe somebody from Riot cares about this instead of creating new less skill needing ad carrys...

thx for ya answers and sorry for my bad english ;D