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The League- A Poem

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So last week for english class I had to write an alliterative stanza in the style of Gawain and the Green Knight. For those who don'y know what alliterative verse is, here is a link to it http://alliteration.net/gawain1.htm
I chose the subject to be League of Legends; I tried to tie in some lore and whatnot, and made up one place name (Kallithea) to go along with the alliteration. Tell me what you think.

The fateful hour had fallen upon them, fierce in battle outfit and dignified,
The newly formed fellowship of five stood frozen, poised before the pending affront.
Among them, Tryndamere, terror of Tartarus, towering as he swung his steel blades twinned ;
Black was his heart and bold were his words, before death he oft had refused to bow.
Aside him stood Singed, the chemist insane, psychotic scientist
Tasked with the taming of creatures unknown, terrifying beasts lurking some distance ahead.
And alluring Ashe, mysterious archer of arctic frost, swift and true did her arrows fly;
Such was the princesses’ skill that foes across the land did quiver in distress.
To her right, Ryze, the righteous mage of Runeterra crouched, resplendent,
A precious tome inscribed with timeless runes of power, trapped between his trembling grasp.
And finally Ezreal, ethereal being of light evanescent, prodigal explorer extraordinaire
A glint of glib amusement in his gleaming eyes as his hands glowed with pulsating radiance.

The time had come to test their trade, that of tireless obliteration;
Methodical execution of macabre destruction, muscle and mind locked to purpose.
A while the wizards and warriors tarried, powerful weapons of war did they wield:
Null magic mantles, moccasins made of the finest materials,
Berserkers’ greaves and blades bloody with past butchering and bloodshed
Mana crystals crafted in the caves of Kallithea, casting incandescent light onto all who contemplated
Their cabalistic, incomprehensible nature.
Far off in the fog, five more fabulous fighters prepared themselves,
Thirst for blood never thawing, thundering battle cries chilling.
The purple hued palace presided before them, precious prize to guard with their lives.
With swift steady strides and sudden found purpose,
They bounded ahead with intent brave, beseeching fortune stand by their side.

Alas not all did live
And shattered would be their pride
For the league did not forgive
And victory, denied.

Hope you enjoyed it

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cuz i can

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This is good!

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Pretty good! I've never heard of an alliterative poem before, but you seem to have done the job quite well!