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Ryze masteries

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Which mastery is best for ryze?'
And so on..

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in my opinion:

Ryze's damage scales bad with AP and nicely with mana and CDR.
Thus, the typical Ryze build involves Catalyst, Tear of the Goddess, Frozen Heart.
With Frozen Heart and lvl 5 Q, Ryze needs exactly 10% CDR from runes/masteries, if he wants to reach 40% cooldown reduction without blue buff or potions.

Additionally, he can't kill most enemies in one burst and needs to stick to his target, making tankyness, movement speed and spell vamp important for him.

The Offense tree doesn't offer anything valuable for Ryze, except 10% MPen and 4% CDR.
These can be reached with 9 mastery points.

The Defense tree offers movement speed, CDR, tankyness.
The important masteries can only be reached with 21 points.
But the CDR is obsolote, if you go 21 in utility.

The Utility tree offers CDR, mana, movement speed, spell vamp, improved buff duration and health regeneration.
Mana and movement speed can be reached with 9 points. Furthermore, the 6% CDR are obsolete, if you take 21 defense.

In my opinion "0, 21, 9" or "9, 21, 0" is the way to go, because the additional tankyness improves your laning phase. You won't need early spell vamp or health regeneration, when you've got 21 points in defense and these points scale better into late game.