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League of Legends Contest FAQ

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Community Coordinator


Why isn't my country/state/province eligible for the contest?
Unfortunately,certain laws and tax rules in these locations prevent us from running contests equally in all countries and regions. It’s very disappointing to us and we’re looking for ways to open these competitions up to more entrants, giving even more fans the opportunity to participate.

Remember, contests are about the fun of participating! Feel free to make and share a submission on our Fan Creation forums and send it in to the Summoner Showcase too!

If I collaborate on an entry, do we both win a prize?
When it comes to physical sponsor prizing, we usually have a set amount of the item that we can give away. If you collaborate with a partner or two and win the contest, you'll all split the Riot Points amount, but only one physical prize can be awarded per winning entry. So you'll all get part of the RP, but you'll have to decide who gets the headset, keyboard, or other physical prize!

How many entries can I submit? Can I win more than once?
There is no limit to the amount of entries you can submit, but you can only win for one of them. You might want to spend more time polishing a single entry and making it really high quality if you want to increase your chances of winning! Summoners are a talented bunch and they're going to submit some amazing creations, so take your time on making the best entry you can! No matter how many you submit, you can only win for one of them, and you'll be judged solely on your best entry.

How do you judge this contest? Do you look at every entry?
We do! It takes a LONG time to go through, but we look at each entry individually and sort through the full set at least twice before selecting our nominees. Then it gets further refined, and a Riot judging panel votes to determine the winners and placements. It might take a long time to select the winners, and we're sorry for the wait, but we want to make sure every entry gets a fair chance!

Why can't I submit a contest entry that I made before the contest was announced?
This would be unfair to the other participants in the contest! If you spend three whole months making an amazing song, it's likely going to sound very different than the summoners who only had two weeks to work on theirs. We want to make sure that all participants are judged fairly and are on even ground.

If you loved making a costume, making art or writing a song before, then you have the experience and are that much closer to winning the contest with a new entry! You can always submit your past creations to the Summoner Showcase for some appreciation, too.

What about a contest for my skill set?
We're trying to make contests as diverse and rewarding as we can! That means more contests are coming up – addressing more talents you might have – so stay tuned for those.

What do you mean by “No Inappropriate Entries?” What would you consider inappropriate?
League of Legends is rated T by the ESRB and has a 12 PEGI rating in Europe. Nothing with overwhelming violence, rampant sexuality, or inappropriate behavior should reach our audience through the game, and contests should be similar! Any characters or content in your entry should be aligned with the Summoner’s Code.

For the Summoner’s Choice, how do you determine the winners?
The Summoner’s Choice polls on our forums are held in three regions: EUNE, EUW, and NA. When players finish voting, we add the percentages of all three region polls together and will award winners according to the highest combined totals.

I have a contest question not answered here! What do I do?
We also answer questions in the forum announcement for each contest, so if you have a question, feel free to ask it there too!