Slow loading screen?

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So i just got my new Laptop, and it's way better then the one i had before.

My old laptop could load pretty fast, but this new one i've gotten is slow? How can this be? i heard that i might want to add in the loadtimings_Map#.txt files, but i couldn't find them anywhere in my League of Legends folder. Here is some specs.

Old PC:
Duo core 2,3
Nvidia Gefore 9600m GT 512mb
4 GB ram
64 bit system

New pc:
Intel i7 2,2 Ghz
Nvidia Geforce 630m GT 2gb
6gb Ram
64bit system

Plus this new laptop only runs 13** x 7** resolution, while the old one ran 1680 x 10**. Which should make it even faster, whats wrong?

EDIT: when i check my task manager while loading, i only use like 15% cpu??