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[Support/Jungler Champion Suggestion] Melidia, Agent of Flora

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Pronunciation: MEL-ID-EE-A

Role, Jungler/Support.

Base Stats: HP: 395 Mana: 240 AD: 50 Armour:12 Range: 310 MR: 30

Physical Description: Melidia is a tall woman with regal facial features and posture, she wears no cloths but is covered with bark from her feet to her thighs and hands to shoulders. For decency she is covered in green foliage with red blooming flowers, as well as green hair with red blooming flowers in it.

Auto Attack: Melidia uses her whip to punish enemies from a medium range. Damage is not proc'd until after the whip 'snaps' on the target, moving too soon will cancel the animation.

Passive- Natures Disciple: Drawing power from her natural environment, Melidia gains 2%/4%/6%/8% (Level 1,6,12,18) increased health regeneration and armour (5,10,15,20) (Level 1,6,12,18) while in brush.

Q- Sticky Spores Cooldown: 16/15/14/13/12 - Mana 70/75/80/85/90: Melidia releases a cloud of spores on a target unit. If cast on an allied unit, the target gains 20/25/30/35/40 amour and magic resist, all enemies who attack that target have their attack speed lowered by 10% for 3 seconds. Lasts 3 seconds.

If cast on an enemy unit, that units movement speed is lowered by 8%/12%/16%/20%/24% and reduces all healing and health regeneration by 50%. Lasts 3 seconds.

W- Enchanted Vine: Cooldown - Mana 100: : 10/9/8/7/6 Passive: Each of Melidia's attacks inflicts a stack of Nature's Revenge which reduces the targets AD and AP by 3/6/9/12/15, stacks up to 5 times. Active: Melidia's next attack consumes all stacks of Natures Revenge, damaging the target for ((20/25/30/35/40) + 0.5 ap) per stack.

E- Sinister Bloom: Cooldown: 14 - Mana: 120: Melidia plants a forbidden seed in the ground. When an enemy champion walks over the seed,a dangerous flower blooms, sending out vines that entrap all nearby enemies in a small radius for 6 seconds, or until the flower is destroyed. Entrapped enemies cannot move outside of the flowers radius while the flower lives. Max: 3 Seeds.

Sinister Bloom Sprout HP: 80/80/80/80/80 Flower HP: 240/310/380/450/520

R- Tree of Spring Cooldown: 120/110/100- Mana: 200: Melidia summons a giant tree using the power of nature itself, creating a natural barrier that emits a pulsing aura for 6 seconds. All allies around the tree have reduced cooldowns (5%/10%/15%) and every two seconds receive a shield ((80/90/100) + 0.6 AP) that lasts for 2 seconds.

Skill Explanation:

Natures Disciple: When I was designing this champion, I had in mind someone who could fill the role of both jungler or sustainless support. As both supports and junglers spend a lot of time in brush, I thought this was a good way to capitalize on it. When playing a jungler, extra armour and health regen can be very benificial when fighting blue/red. As a support, this passive helps recover health lost from enemy harass.

Sticky Spores: I don't think this spell holds many secrets that aren't obvious, casting this on herself while jungling will give bonus defences as well as lowering the jungle creeps attack speed. Casting this on an enemy can help you with ganking, the slow gives you time to predict the enemies escape route and throw out your Sinister Bloom and the fact it inflicts Grievous Wounds will lower the chances of the enemy living through a perfect gank because of a Soraka heal/wish and Summoner Heal combo.

Enchanted Vine: This spell is the reason that I would probably buy a Nashors Tooth for Melidia when jungling. The extra attack speed helps you build up the stacks quicker and the extra AP adds some extra oomph to the active part of the spell. When playing support a few whacks of your auto attack while your spells are on cooldown could really mess up a carries damage output (75 AD/AP reduction is nothing to sniff at).

Sinister Bloom: These seeds are visible as green sprouts that poke up from the soil, difficult to see in brush but fairly obvious outside of them (if you are paying attention). I see these seeds being a real pest to the enemy team, not only because it severely limits where they can move (they are not rooted to the ground, simply leashed to the flower via the vines that bind them to it) but also means they have to waste time unbinding themselves by destroying the flower (not much health, but definitely more than a shaco box). These are great for capturing an escaping target or keeping the fight in a certain area for a while longer which greatly increases the usefulness of her ultimate.

There is no way to escape this unless the flower is destroyed or the time runs out, flashing is disabled, as well as any spell that would dislodge the vine (Wukongs Clone, Shaco's clone, Leblancs Close, Tristanas jump, Kassadins Riftwalk etc).

Tree of Spring: To give an idea of how I see the size of the tree, I imagine it as a little bit larger than a Trundle pillar but cannot block nearly as many paths as Anivia's wall can. (For example, the path that leads from the Blue Teams Blue Golem out to Baron Nashor is just about blockable by the Tree of Spring). So, this is definitely an ultimate more fitting for a support (though creating obstructions is always useful for someone trying to gank), I would definitely think this is an ult worth saving for large team fights around objectives. Cooldown reduction is never not useful (if you are playing support and have built a Soul Shroud, you could be talking 30%-40% CDR on all nearby allies) but I think the shield is where the power is at. A shield every 2 seconds for 6 seconds (3 shields) to all allies can be vital. I think there are downsides to this ult though, beyond placing it badly and trapping your entire team behind it and letting a fleeing enemy get away (much like an Anivia wall),I think it could psychologically mess up a team's way of fighting. Staying to close to the tree's protection out of fear could actually lower a team's kill potential as it discourages risk taking beyond its aura range.

Skill Spec: If I were playing as jungle Melidia I would definitely build: R>W>Q>E. A point in Sinister Bloom at about level 3-4 will greatly increase ganking potential, but can be pretty much left at one point for a long time. Your W is your only damage source, so levelling that up as quickly as possible is a good idea, with your Q being levelled up next as the slow increases with level.

As a support I would be go R>Q>E>W. Giving your carry some extra armour/mr and slowing the enemies attack speed will greatly increase the chances of your carry surviving after stupidly over-extending. Also putting levels into Sinister Seed will be create easy harass and possible ganking potential if they are silly enough to get trapped. As Melidia has a mid-ranged auto attack which is technically melee, I would not risk attacking to proc your W too much as this may leave you in a sore spot. Leave that for team fights where you arent the main focus. So, that's all the technical stuff out of the way, onto the lore!


The Plague Jungles, home to lifeforms unknown. Though the Institute has managed to quell most of the magic which has run amok since the time of the Rune Wars, this place still feels the gentle caress of forbidden magicks. For years the Plague Jungles have housed a lost runestone which has mutated those that dwell around it. However, it was the plant life that felt this magic most strongly. Absorbing its potent energy, the plants awoke into sentience and some even gained humanoid forms. Melidia was such a plant. A red flower, not unlike a rose, but with thorns tipped with deadly poison. She was content basking in the gentle glow of the runestone, like many of her brethren. As a being of pure nature, it is not unsurprising that she should grow to dislike a tribe of monkeys that seemed to have gained wisdom from the stone, which they treated as a god. Her suspicions proved to be well placed...

The pain was instant, sharp and completely unbearable. She no longer felt the magic of the stone, the magic that was once at the core of her being was now an empty void. As she staggered through the night, she watched as the flora around her wither without the magical nourishment they had adapted to. Her sentient breatheren lay either dead from shock, or completely bewildered and in agony.It is unclear even to her why she survived when none of her kin did. Perhaps she didn't. for the Melidia that lived peacefully before the stones destruction was not the Melidia that lives on today.

After many days she found where the shards of the stone lay, utterly abandoned. The scent of monkey lay thick in the air. For reasons she could not comprehend, the primates had destroyed the runestone and left many who relied upon it to their doom. Following the strange scent of a monkey that stood out from the others, Melidia travels north in search of the culprit. It is in this strange land she learns of a great power source, filled with magic, known as the Istitute of War. Drawn to its familar aura, she learns of a monkey known as Wukong that also hails from the Plauge Jungles. It is at this moment she makes a decision in her derranged mind. Using the power kept by the Insititue of War, she will repopulate the entire world of Runeterra with her seeds, turning it into one giant jungle, and the first seed to be planted...will be in Wukongs corpse.


Upon Selection: "This feeling...it is so familiar."


Attacking Wukong: "I will avenge my kin!"

"Let my whip shred your flesh!"



"Let me...infect you."

Casting a beneficial spell on Maokai: "We are much alike."

Movement: "This land is fertile soil."

"I understand."

"I am alone, but not for long."

"Empower me with your magic, Summoner."

"I am Nature incarnate."

"This will be my kingdom."

"I was not always this way..."

"I am but your servant, Summoner. Chuckle"

Taunt: "Do not fret about your poor skills, you will be plant food soon enough."

Joke: "This is a one woman show."

"100% homegrown, pesticide free, organic and STILL bad for you."

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Interresting combination Support Jungler. It looks ok to me bit more Jungle then Support. I would certainly want to play this a couple of rounds.

1 Damage source seems a bit vunrable but I am not a balance expert.

with kind regards,


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all enemies who attack that target have their attack speed lowered by 10% for 3 seconds
IDK but that seems a bit weak, maybe change it so it scales?

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10% was definitely a conservative number. I think she scales a lot with her abilities as is, but I don't think increasing the flat amount from 10% to 20% would be out of the question.

As for the one damage source, I agree, she won't be a great duellist. Definately not a damage dealer, but great kill potential through her slow and Sinister Bloom.