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Pc crash while playing at LOL

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Junior Member


Hello, the problem I have, and I have seen many post unsolved about it, is that playing League of Legends, makes my computer crash, it just turns off.

I know it's not just from my computer since from my friend's laptop it happens too, it even happened to me twice in my last game.

My pc is an Asus G51J, with 8G i7, 1g of graphics, a gamer pc, and can play games like skyrim, and else without problems, but while in a match of LOL I got almost always a computer crash in the middle of the game, it can happen breaking the nexus, it can happen in the middle of a team fight, hitting a tower, etc...

Usually putting the graphics settings down solves it for some games but then it happen again, and I really can't take any more crashes during games.

Ans since I have seen some other threads about it here and there in different languages without answers I make a new one to see if someone can help me with it.

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Junior Member


Hello, I have same problem.
I can play any games and my PC is fine.

However with League of Legends my computer turns off.
I have no ide why... Please help...

PC -
Acer Aspire All in One Z5610
Processor : Intel (R) Core (TM) 2 Duo CPU E7500 @ 2.93
System: Windows 7 Home Premium / 64 bit

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Junior Member


by crash you mean? blue screen? and if putting graphical settings down solves it sometimes id assume that it was to do with your graphics card, are you monitoring temps on it? also have you overclocked your graphics card or CPU at all?

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A common problem with ASUS is that they overheat quite often. Maybe check this.

Another problem could be an outdated/corrupted Driver or outdated software like an old version of .netFramework etc.

Ever tried cleaning your registry, defragmentation etc?!

That's the things that go along in my mind Maybe it will help

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Senior Member


i've got the same problem, and i can confirm it's not the graphic card overheat (i was monitoring it with evga) and it's not a system error, or i'll find logs on the windows error messages... when this happens the computer just shutdown...

all i can think of is memory leak, but i'm quite sure it's related to the graphic engine, coz if you turn down the graphic settings this "crash" is less frequent

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Phil Pants

Junior Member


i've been getting this ever since the the latest patch but it only happens when im at the nexus. My computer just makes a weird noise and the light is still on but I have to force shutdown