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Do you like Mole Champion idea?

Yes, I do. 4 80%
No, I don't. 1 20%
Voters 5 .

[Champion Suggestion] Quardic, The Underground Doom

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Good news, everyone! We've got special gift for you. There were many suggestions about making entirely new champion, as well as devising new way of jungling. So we've deciced to introduce Quardic, the underground doom, to you!!!
Before reading his abilities you should know couple of things:
- He is supposed to be champion for smart people who are not into comboing in one spell order (such as Veigar) and who enjoy playing their champion in different ways.
- He is truly not brand new species. He might be something like Skarner with Caitlyn-like traps and Twisted Fate-like ulti.


Health 6/10
Attack 7/10
Spell 2/10
Difficulty 8/10

-jungle/solotop tanky ad
- +good ganks, fast clear jungle
- -low range, bad pusher
Q- Paw punch - Quardic´s next autoattack deals bonus 10/25/50/75/100 (+1 bonus AD) AoE damage, and his next autoattack has 10% lifesteal, 2 sec cd

W- Molehill - Quardic sets molehills, which trigger on champions. When sprung, the trap immobilizes the target, and deals 80/130/180/230/280 (+ 0,7 AP) damage. When sprung once, it deals full damage and it gets smaller. When sprung twice, it deals less damage and it gets smaller again. Max up to third times. Lasts 3 minutes. 10 sec cd

E- 10 feet under ground - Quardic buries himself to the ground, gets untargetable for 3 secs, gets higher movement speed and may use Attack from the deeps - jumps at the place, where Quardic is, deals 85/130/175/220/265 (+1 bonus AD) damage to surrounding units and knocks them airborne, 18 sec cd

R- Here I am! - Quardic can teleport to every his molehill on map and next 10 seconds he gains 25/40/65 AD, 120 sec cd

Passive- Sharp shovel - After using a spell he has 20% chance to his next autoattack will deal true damage
Recommanded items:
vampiric scepter, ninja tabbi, wringle´s lantern, sheen, trinity force, warmog´s armor
Joke: Let´s play Hit the mole!
Taunt: I´ll dig your grave out, if you will step on my hills!
Use E: Eyes down!
Movement:-Deeper and deeper.
- I make love with skeletons, baby (on melody by Kiss- I was made for loving you)
-Dig, dig, dig!
Attack:-Taste the earth!
- I´ll make hole inside your soul!
When selected: My job is pulling people underground.. your enemies will be next, summoner!
When attack Yorick: I burgled all of your graves!

I think, that League of Legends needs good jungle with one of best ganks and map-control. I´m bored with all of snow/ice and storm champions and I carry you new dimension: Mother Earth!

I hope you will like it and you will support my idea. Any suggestions welcome though.

P.S. There is an image showing aproximate appearance of Quardic. It is not my creature. I took it of http://derangedscratchings.blogspot.com/2009/03/angry-mole-of-vengeance.html I'd add him a shovel though


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I think it´s very good idea!