Appear offline (friend list)

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Ok so I'm a situation where a few friends from school wanted to add me on League. They've been *****ing for games ever since I added them while my main interrest lies on playing solo queue or full team 5's ranked. Everytime I turn them down they seem to be irritated.

I don't really want to /ignore them or block them ingame because they know my duo queue partners/clanmates aswell so there's no hiding from them really.

So is it just me or any other people getting annoyed by their real life friends and would like to see a " appear offline" option.

For now I'm using a firewall to block the PvP chat IP but this is ofcourse unconventional when picking/banning during ranked matchmaking because even though I unblock the PvP chat IP I still have to " Reconnect to chat" in order to communicate with my team , thus giving away my presence.

So, what do you guys think about an appear offline option ?

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I know exactly what you mean. I did a poll for this on the old League of Legends website and more people actually voted no but I would love to see an option for appear offline and/or being able to ignore/block friends without them being deleted when you un-ignore.