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[Champion Suggestion] Sorotos the Shamanistic Master (Updated)

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Sorotos the Shamanistic Master (UPDATED from a post I made a couple of months back)

Heya fellow summoners! I bring you a champion suggestion by me, still featuring the idea of a shamanistic caster, who focuses on using the power of the different elements to crush his enemies.

All spells, abilities and other types of text which have been edited will be marked with a * at the end of the sentence or ability name. You can find the complete list of edits in the Changelog on the bottom of the champion suggestion, along with the date the change(s) were made.

So… who / what is this guy?

Well, the general idea is that Sorotos, the Shamanistic Master, is going to be a powerful mage type champion. His skillset is set up so that proper positioning and utilization of the different bonuses of his skills play a major role in him being able to deal his maximum damage potential. He has decent CC, but week-to-no real "escape" possibilities. However, he compensates for this with noticeable range and very strong AoE capabilities.

Comments and Notes from my side considering every single ability will be added shortly.


Sorotos, descendant of a long era of powerful shamanistic leaders in his tribe, was once the soon-to-be leader of his tribe. At very young age during a storm so violent a multitude of the tribes’ households got torn apart by the wind and blown away, his little body was of no effort for the winds to carry, and they dragged him far away from his tribe and his family. Sorotos’ father, infuriated to the brink of madness and despair due to these events, cursed the elements with his life; “If my boy gets harmed due to your actions, I swear on my life, I will seek out each and every core of your being and destroy them with my own hands!” Upon hearing these words from the shamanistic master himself the elements found no other option then to look after the boy and make sure he stayed safe.

As the years went by, the boy grew up to be a man. Well aware about his situation, as well as the reasons behind his current state, thanks to the elementals’ explanations, he had set himself the goal of reuniting himself with his family and his tribe. He wandered for decades, only accompanied by the elementals, until he finally walked up the steps to the Institute of War. The realization of exactly how well known the Institute was around Valoran gave Sorotos a minor hope that he would possibly increase his chance to reunite with his father, should he join the League of Legends. Sorotos consulted the Leading Summoners for a chance to join the League of Legends, and upon being accepted on the terms that he had to prove to be valuable to them, Sorotos consulted the elementals to offer him a piece of their powers to fight in the League. The elementals, realizing too that this would be their only chance to finally relieve themselves from their burden, accepted Sorotos’ whishes, and gave him the power to wield the strength of the elementals.

"His conviction to be noticed and seen in the fields is astonishing… And he manages to do so through incredible power and mastery of a magic I have never felt before… Truly amazing…"

- Kassadin, the Void Walker


Passive: Spirit Realm

When Sorotos has not been struck by any hostile attack for 6 seconds he partly splits his spirit between the Spirit Realm and the real world, granting him 30/50/70 movement speed and 4.5/8/11.5 mana regeneration per 5 seconds. Movement speed and mana regeneration bonuses are increased at levels 7 and 12.

Sorotos will appear slightly transparent while in this state, and he will appear fully solid while out of it. Sorotos will leave this state upon activating any ability or being affected by any hostile action from any foe, like direct attacks or non-damaging crowd control effects. He will not leave the spirit realm upon auto attacking.

Q: Magma Bolt

Passive: Sorotos enchants his basic attacks with elemental fire, charging him with elemental flames every time he lands a basic attack on an enemy minion or neutral creep. He gains 3 stacks instead of one when hitting an enemy champion instead of a minion. This magic effect lasts for 4 seconds, and can stack up to 8 times. Upon reaching 8 stacks, Sorotos' next Magma Bolt will stun its main target for 1.5 seconds.

Active: Sorotos summons the fiery elementals within him, firing a Magma Bolt towards the targeted enemy. The magma bolt will deal 70/110/150/190/230 (+0.6 AP) magic damage on impact with the enemy, as well as 60/85/110/135/160 (+0.3 AP) magic damage to any enemy who are positioned in the path of the bolt as it travels. Additionally, the bolt will explode upon impact with its target, leaving a Lava Trench on the ground. This Lava Trench will burn enemies who stand in it for 25/35/45/55/65 (+0.1 AP) magic damage each second for 3 seconds.

Cast Range: 650
Lava Trench Radius: 225
Magma Bolt Width: 100
Mana cost: 50/60/70/80/90
Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8 seconds

W: Earthen Blessing

Passive: Sorotos receives a gift from the elementals of the earth, granting him a Stone Armor covering his body from harm. The Stone Armor grants Sorotos 150/175/200/225/250 health and 20/25/30/35/40 additional armor. This effect will not be active while Earthen Blessing is on cooldown.

Active: Sorotos can activate this ability in order to call for the earth elementals’ aid. The earth elementals will violently shake the earth at the targeted location, dealing 30/50/70/90/110 (+0.25 AP) magic damage every second for 3 seconds, as well as slowing the movement speed of all affected enemies by 10/15/20/25/30 %.

Range: 700
Radius: 400
Mana cost: 80/90/100/110/120
Cooldown: 14/13/12/11/10 seconds

E: Air Orbs

Passive: Sorotos summons forth numerous air elementals, all of which will take the form of an Air Orb and start swirling around him in clockwise circles at a set range. Should an air elemental at any time hit any enemy, it will violently disperse dealing 30/45/60/75/90 (+0.3 AP) magic damage to the struck enemy. Additionally, the affected enemy will be stunned, spinning around for up to 0.5 seconds.

Active: Sorotos can command his active air elementals to instantly swirl around him once, causing all enemies within a larger area formed by his swirling Air Orbs to suffer 90/120/150/180/210 (+0.6 AP) (+ 20 / active Air Orb) magic damage as well as getting knocked air-born for 0.25 seconds. This knock-up effect is multiplied by the amount of active Air Orbs Sorotos has, capping at 1 seconds knock-up duration.

The passive component of this ability will still be active while Air Orbs is on cooldown.

Circling Range (Passive): 325
Air Orbs: 2/2/3/3/4
Respawn Timer: 10 seconds
Circling Range (Active): 450
Mana cost: 70/80/90/100/110
Cooldown (Active component): 15/14/13/12/11

R: Tsunami (previosly called Tidal Wave)

Sorotos uses the power of the water elementals to summon forth a huge tidal wave from his hand, which will deal 350/450/550 (+0.6 AP) magic damage to all enemies hit. As the wave will grow bigger and stronger the longer it travels, the damage of the wave will increase by 1% for every 15 units it travels.

Range: 1000
Wave Width: 350
Mana cost: 100/120/140
Cooldown: 110/100/90 seconds



Tall, slim figure but crouched over, making him appear shorter than he actually is. Rather long arms and legs. Shamanistic ritual paint on various places on his body. Different types of ornaments like feathers and charms in threads on his vestments and leggings. Wields a long staff, decorated with charms and offerings to the elementals.


“The elementals stand strong at my side.”
“The spirits shall guide me.”
“Mountains all kneel before me.”
“I serve the imprisoned.”

"Burn in ferocious flames!"
"Cover before the might of the earth!"
"They shall drown!"
"The winds shall sweep them off their feet!"

“Forgiven by friendly winds, or scorched by furious flames!?”
“Blessed by the hands of the earth, or drowned in the wrath of the sea!?”

“Totems? Oh, you’ve met those kinds of shamans… Heh, novices…” (“Noobs” possibly)

Champion Selection:
“Fire, water, earth and air… They all stand at my side at this day.”

Thank you for reading! Please take the time to leave a thumbs up if you like the idea, and add a comment of any kind to keep this post on the front pages.


Added damages, scalings, mana costs, ranges, cooldowns, etc. on each ability.

Minor tweaks on Magma Bolt’s additional benefits, as well as adding a passive component to the ability.

Changed Air Orbs to not silence but knock back enemies they hit. Lowered the total amount of orbs at later ability levels. Changed the knock-up scaling on Air Orbs’ active from a flat amount which gets lowered the fewer orbs are active, to a flat amount which gets multiplied by the amount of active orbs.

Ability descriptions have been edited to fit the edited ability benefits and actives.

Minor ability description tweaks.

Also, removed the description which earlier stated that his ability damages, scalings etc. were not present, though now are added. Simply forgot to remove it at the same time as I added the values.

Changed the additional effect Air Orbs have on struck enemies from knocking them back a certain amount of units, to stunning them for a short time.

Moved his passive to be the first ability shown in the "Ability" section of the suggestion.

Buffed the damage increase on the passive component of Magma Bolt, and changed the way it dealt damage from flat increase to adding a DoT on the enemy. Reduced the range on Magma Bolt, and upped the mana cost.

Reduced the passive health gain from Earthen Blessing quite a lot, and buffed the armor gain because of this. Changed the activation effect to be a targeted AoE effect rather than an AoE effect around Sorotos as this didn't suit an AP mid caster that much. Reduced the AoE radius and duration because of this change.

Added in a specification on how long enemies are air-born when all orbs are up on Air Orbs and normalized its cooldown.

Nerfed the damage-increase-per-yard-traveled on Tidal Wave, as well as reducing its width.

Added the timer for how long the "Burnt" effect of the passive component of his Q ability will last, as this was missing.

Nerfed the damage of his W ability at all levels.

Remade the passive component on his Magma Bolt ability, now making it charge him up with elemental flames as he uses basic attacks, making his next Magma Bolt stun its target after reaching a certain amount of stacks.

Buffed the base damage and the AP ratio on the damage-dealt-to-enemies-in-its-path component of the Magma Bolt, in order to make it feel actually worth it to not just throw it at the closest enemy, but instead focus on positioning.

Nerfed the radius of Lava Trench, but increased the base damage and ratio.

Balanced the passive component of Earthen Blessing by making it not be in effect while the ability is on cooldown.

Nerfed the base damage and AP ratio on the Air Orbs themselves, and set the stun duration at 0.5 seconds per orb, up from 0.4 seconds.

Buffed the base damage of the active component of his ability Air Orbs, and lowered the knock-up duration to 0.25 seconds per orb, down from 0.33 seconds.

Added in that all ratios on all his abilities are, indeed, on ability power.

Increased the cooldown of Tidal Wave, from 90/75/60 seconds to 110/100/90 seconds.

Specified his passive a little bit.

Changed the passive component of his Q ability slightly, making him receive a bigger amount of stacks upon attacking enemy champions.

Reduced the cast range of his Q abiity by 50.

Reduced the mana cost of his Q ability.

Added a per-orb-damage-bonus on the activation component of his E ability.

Specified that the cooldown on his E ability only applied to the active component, and have no effect on the passive component of that ability.

Reduced the mana cost of his E ability.

Added the mana cost of his R ability.

As Nami the Tidecaller has been released, I felt the need to change the name of his ultimate.

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Leaving only thumbs up and no comments does not help with bumping this suggestion to the front page and stay there. Please leave a comment, either stating that you like the idea or not, and possibly why you feel that way about him

Minor edits. Just misspellings, nothing major.

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hello there m8

the lore has some nice features, but some things don't make sense. imo, you should do the more "fate based" type of lore we talked about in-game. keep most of the ideas, just change the part about it being a random occurence.

the Q: a nice and fitting ability, this is how i'd have executed a fire skill on a shaman myself. i thing you could maybe change is making it leave a lava pool on ground around the target that stays for a while. would make him able to block paths and be rly annoyoing in teamfights, and give him gr8 synergy with champs that have suppresses and long stuns etc. just an idea though, the skill is still nice as it is.

i have 1 more idea though: why dont you make each element give him a fitting passive bonus and an active? you already have it on 2 of em. the fire element should grant him some AP or something offensively. would make him interesting as you would have to rly think about how you lvl your skills. defensively or offensively.

number suggestions: nuke dmg should be about 80/120/160/200/240 on around a 0.6 or 0.7 scale. this dmg is close to what brands Sear does. the splash should be 10/20/30/40/50% in, say, 300-400 radius. trail should be like 10/20/30/40/50 every sec for 3 seconds on like a 0.2 scale.

the W: also very fitting. just be careful that he doesn't get too beefy. my suggestions would be to give him a very low base HP rate, so that he has to lvl this up if he wants some survivability, furthering the idea of having to rly think about how you lvl. the active is also nice, a shaman should have an earthquake.

number suggestions: HP should be either 100/200/300/400/500 or 50/100/150/200/250 depending on hos dependant u want him to be on it. just keep it simple and make the armour 10/15/20/25/30. the active should deal something like 60/80/100/120/140 dmg per sec for up to 5 seconds on a 0.3 scale. slow should be 30% resetting each dmg tick.

the E: once again a well done skill. i'd like to make a minor change though; the orbs should do a knockbck not a silence upon impact, it's a way more useful defensive mechanism for a caster to keep melee'ers away. oh and they shoudnt trigger on minions. the active is also great, no complaints here rly.

number suggestions: collision with and orb does 70/100/130/160/190 magic dmg on a 0.4 scale. being hit by the active deals double this on maybe a 0.6 scale, and does a knockup of 0.5 seconds per orb.

the ulti: a nice implementation of the water elemental, although i think you should really consider the ultimate we talked about in-game, and maybe move this somewhere else.

the passive is good, no complaints here.

he's all in all a very good concept, he's more or less how i'd do a shaman

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Thanks for the feedback m8!

Q: you seem to have missunderstood the "deals damage on enemies it passes through" part, as it doesn't leave a line of fire in its trail which damages enemies, but rather, like Anivia's Q, deals some damage to enemies it passes through on its travel to its target. Your suggestion of leaving a lava puddle however is good, but he is not really supposed to have any really strong area-of-denial abilities.
An example of a passive component of this abiltity could be that his AP is slightly increased by a flat amount or something of the sort.

W: the idea is that the passive should be somewhat of a necessity until you have 2-3 points in it, and after that be purely a bonus, so yea I had in mind that he couldn't become to beefy free of charge

E: Knock-back? On each orb? Not so sure about that m8, but I see your way of thinking. Sry that I didn't add in how many orbs he will actually have at ability level 5, but I was imagining it being somewhere between 5-7... A knock-back on each of those would be extremely strong no matter how short the knock-back distance is, so I'll keep it at silencing the hit enemy for now. The idea behind Sorotos is that positioning is key, therefore it is also importsnt to not waste orbs on minions. It is simply set to activqte on minions to make it harder to use properly

Thanks and thanks for feedback on ult and passive

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oh. yea i did idd misunderstand, or rather i assumed things :P but i think the puddle would be a nice addition and make him a strong and more interesting laner, plus be a good farming tool. something any caster needs to be competitive (Morg, Malz, Veig, Cass, Brand, Anivia, Swain and prolly more that i forgot all have small AoE's that are good for early farming and harass).

we seem to agree on what the W should be and why. i really think that this thing with having him be very different depending on level-up prioroties will add such a nice layer of gameplay challenge to him.

tbh i like the idea of less orbs with a knock-back way better. it would presserve the need to position (even more so, since u can't afford to waste them) but would give him a very fitting and useful defense against a caster's worst nightmare: melee champs that just won't get off you a*s. it synergizes better and just goes well with the wind theme of the spell.

all just my oponions of course, but hope you will consider some of it

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I'm working on changes right now, so expect an update later today.

Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions Naxx

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Please see the changelog at the bottom of the original post for details.

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Traa 1703

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Really awesome^^

I like the new stuff!

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Two things: firstly, passively getting 500 health (more than a giant's belt) seems overpowered.
Second: did you seriously suggest an ultimate with a BASE damage potential of 1100 magic damage?
Tweak the numbers, and he looks fun, though.

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The ult is, as u stated, a potential 1100 base damage to an entire enemy team at max level, potential being the key word. Positioning and foresight is extremely important on Sorotos, and the use of his ultimate will be what separates the good Sorotos players from the pro ones.

Oh, and keep in mind that the projectile speed isn't added yet, and I was imagining it being rather slow, so dodging it wouldn't be too much of an issue if you're aware of your surroundings.