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mTw and AL - a disappointment

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How it all came to what it is - our statement
mTw and AL - a disappointment

mTw.AL was meant to be the international League Of Legends - team of mTw. **** happens. After six weeks Absolute Legends and mTw part ways. The reasons are different and all of them are completely disappointing. For us after qualification in gaming the interpersonal communication is very important. Fairness is and remains major for mTw.

The drama started late november after we contacted Absolute Legends. A talented Team, no doubt. But unfortunately we got heavily disappointed. We contacted Absolute Legends and offered them a very good offer which even included a complete salary for Absolute Legends - team-manager Tim 'Wetdream' Buysse. This would have made a six man strong team work together with mTw. The deal was made mandatory orally and we sent out the contracts by postal services also. Two of them returned signed so two players were ligally bound to play for mTw. During this period of time, one player of Absolute Legends uploaded a screenshot of his contract instead of a screenshot of a game played to the ESL. This made us release an article about the partnership on our website. Absolute Legends published statements, too. From there on, AL was a part of mTw officially, although not all contracts were signed but we had a verbal agreement.

Counter Logic Gaming

Suddenly, CLG contacted Absolute Legends and gave them an obviosly better offering. Nonetheless Absolute Legends has promised themselve to play for mTw. Absolute Legends blew off a huge argue about not letting them go that easily. We were accused non-professional and stingy. AL disussed over several days with us and finally made their point not to play for us in any case.

So we contacted Counter Logic Gaming to search together for an appropriate solution. First all conversation went good. Of course CLG claimed that we did not have all contracts and Absolute Legends was not bound to mTw. In this case they were right. But regarding to labor law a verbal commitment is binding. CLG agreed to this finally. This brought both of us to the solution of negotiating a transfer fee. For this a written agreement was necessary. Counter Logic Gaming wanted to formulate this agreement. We were okay with that but waited several days for an answer. All of our questions regarding a final agreement were quashed by excuses. When CLG finally came up with an agreement, it was packed with several mistakes. So this whole process attracted more than two weeks.

At the point where an ending of the discussion was near, CLG told us that they do not need the players anymore and would kick them out after the transfer anyway. Rene 'Kbap' Werner and Henrik 'Froggen' Hansen did not agree to the transfer to CLG from the beginning. They followed their teammates to avoid being without a team in the end. During the negotiation about the transfer fee Counter Logic Gaming kicked out Rene 'Kbap' Werner justifying he is a bad jungler and only able to play a few champions. CLG made us clear, that they only needed one player from there on. Shortly thereafter Bram 'wewillfailer' De Winter was kicked, too. CLG wanted to save the money paid on the transfer fee. These days Marcel 'Lyumi' Haas is named as a player for Counter Logic Gaming. But only to force a suiting solution for the next problem.

What about the points ?

Absolute Legends qualified for the Intel Extreme Masters in Kiev as a team of mTw. So the ESL gave the license to us for the slot of the IEM. The license includes the circulation that at least three players of the team which qualified have to play at the Intel Extreme Masters. Problem: Only two players of this team stayed with us. The rest of the team turned their backs on us. CLG housed two players at this point, too. That is why Marcel 'Lyumi' Haas is now playing for Counter Logic Gaming although he was kicked out earlier (»As a friend I am a bit sad that we have to change Wewillfailer and Lyumi, but the only 2 other possibilities were changing one of them or keep having a bottom lane that weren't on the same line. I am very happy to welcome Krepo, Snoopeh and Yellowpete in our team.« - Mike 'Wickd' Petersen auf clgaming.eu).

After a long discussion with the ESL the solution was: Another agreement. With team-manager Tim 'Wetdream' Buysse and the ESL we agreed, that the ESL will ease the traveling expenses of Counter Logic Gaming and even give a potential prize money to CLG but mTw gets and keeps all the points earned for the IEM. One day after this agreement, the players canceled everything we all agreed to. Since that was too much for us we droped the IEM slot and gratulate the next advancing team!

Another huge topic were the obtained points for the running season. We do and did ever say: The points belong to the team! It is the team who work, play and gets the points. We never did and do say that some player can leave a team and take the points along.

Without us !

Since 1998 mTw is a known team in Germany and over the world. With passion, work and efford we achieved a lot and will achieve a lot. Yes, we wanted to work together with the League Of Legends - team by Absolute Legends. But we will not let go-getting youngstars pull our legs by lying to us and pick the best offering after making a clear agreement. That was and never will be a common basic for us. Tim 'Wetdream' Buysse calimed to the ESL that he and his team are a registered company just to receive the slot for the Intel Extreme Masters. But at the same time he boasted to another team that mTw can surely try to sue him because he and his team are not a registered company. Counter Logic Gaming did denigrate Rene 'Kbap' Werner as a bad player just to look better as a allegedly successful team. It is so sad to see, that the game and esport as a connection between friends has fall behind blind obedience to fame and money.

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