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Screen minimizes while in game

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Junior Member


Hi everyone, my screen keeps minimizing while in game since few days ago, with no msn or web pages open, no skype or other program running.

Please if anyone knows why this happens and how can i fix it, because it get annoying to get screen minimized when you are at risk of dying in game and make your team lose.

Just to let you know i play in a laptop hp- pavilion dv3-2230ea.
is new , it has touch screen I don't know if is that what may minimize the screen although im not touching the screen while in game.

Any ideas please?

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Junior Member


I have the same problem I use my laptop with a touchpad.
I think accidently scrolling (on side of touchpad) then clicking causes mine to minimize.
I'm going to try and disable my zoom function somehow.. which might work
Don't know if you use a touchpad, but I hope helps .