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Swain ultimate and zhonya's hourglass combo bug bug

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Junior Member


Hi, during last game i came in contact with this particular piece, i found out that a swain using the combination of it's ulti + hourglass invulnerability is still able to atack his oponents.

I am not sure if this is a game mechanic, but since it makes swain quite powerful (unable to atack, ultimate atacks you back and he can easly heal itself in a team fight going from low health to full).

If it's not a bug, please redirect this to the right forum, then this makes swain and this item with it probably a too strong syenergy.
Not very easy to counter, executioner blade seems only counter.

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Queen Sejuani



It´s intended to work like this.

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Senior Member


Same goes for fiddle-ult, Morgana-ult, Karthus E and probably a bunch of other effects (toggles/duration) I've forgotten.

This doesn't make him too strong, you just move away from him and he won't hit you.