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How to: Leauge of Legends on Mac OS X

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Hello Community!
I posted this Guide some mins ago in the German LoL forum.
Please be nice, I'm German my English good suck now and then!

Leauge of Legends is a growing Community and I think the part of people who are owning a Mac,too. Since LoL isn't a native Mac Game we need to find solutions to play it via Mac so I decided to help to find the right solution and a Idea of how to realize it!

Method 1 via Boot Camp
- Mac OS X 10 or higher
- Full Windows CD/DVD with min SP2 integrated!
- Intel Core
- Bit of time

How to Boot Camp:
Open the Boot Camp Assistant, you can find it easy via Spotlight search.
Hit Continue in the right bottom corner
Give your Windows Partition the space of GB you think u need I would recommend at least 20GB space.
Hit Create Partion
After a few mins your partition is ready, insert your windows CD and hit start installation
Follow the steps and install windows.
After installing windows insert your MAC OS X CD while in Windows and install Boot Camp.
Boot Camp installs all driver which you need

You can now decide which System you want to Boot by pressing the ALT Key while starting the mac

Method 2 via Parallels Desktop

- Mac OS System
- Program: Parallels Desktop
- Full Windows Image or CD/DVD ROM
- recommended 4GB Ram to run LoL with good performance

Download and install Parallels Desktop and follow the steps, read everything clear!
I can't post step by step since I have it already installed and don't want to set my Windows new But the setup is easy, you can't do anything wrong! Just follow the steps.
After Installing Shutdown your emulated windows and restart Parallels Desktop
In the select screen of the windows version installed on your virtua machine you can see a preferences option in the right bottom corner klick on it
Hit General in the top left and select: CPU 2 and at leat 2048MB Ram
Hit options in the top middle, klick on optimization on the left side!
set a mark on "Enable adaptive Hypervisor"
klick on coherence in the left, disable "crystal mode"
hit the full screen option on the left, and disable all corners, all 4 selection fields must have a " - " in it
klick OK start your windows and play

pros and cons for both methods:

Boot camp:

- No performance leak
- No additional program is needed! Boot Camp comes by Apple

- Needs restart to change system
- You lose much space on your HD
- No interactions between Windows and Mac OS

Parallels Desktop:
- Realtime swich between windows and mac!!
- Saves HD Space
- full interactions betwenn the two OS are possible

- Performance leaks a bit specially with older Macs!
- need the program Parallels Desktop

I hope I helped at least one with this guide and decision help of which way to choose to play Lol with a mac

Post question in here if you have any
So far, Shikse!

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It works on mac now. No bootcamp required. Just watch my video on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lf_VJeIeRcI (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lf_VJeIeRcI)

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Senior Wrenchman


Stop this useless rubbish please..


This guide works for over 10.000 people without problems.
- Active guide
- Several addition guides
- Lots of support if you got a problem
- Full Modified Client for EU as a torrent downloadable

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your link doesnt send me to any where