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AP Vladimir build?

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Hello everyone,

I have few questions about Vladimir build:

1.) I saw that it's best to have 9/0/21 ... but how do I know which ones to select? Where to start?
With Power or Utility? And which attributes exactly to lvl first?

2.) I already saw few saying that Thome is the best to buy at start. Is it true? Do you recommend it also?

3.) What about then - what should I buy in shop? If anyone could give me their best step by step buying in shops.

4.) Why do people also LVL Tides of blood in begining - I have never occured to see ToB usefull in Team Fights...they are only good against mobs -> but surely I do not want to lvl something that will be good against mobs at early stage.

5.) How to act when you get gang-banged, 2vs1 or 3vs1 .. and lets say your Sanguine Pool is out.
I have already soloed 2vs1 - but I was just clicking the keys randomly and fast, that I wasn't sure in which order I used attacks.

That's all for now. Thanks.

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Best of the 3

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OK I stopped playing Vlad but I will put what I used to use. I hope it helps.

Masteries: I went for 9/0/21. Just go for the Magic Pen and Ability power in the 9
In the 21 just get everything non mana related. (One of the first 4 regens health and mana, get that)

Summoner spells I went for Ghost and for the second Ignite.

Usually when starting out I would go with a tome and go for Mejai's straight away. Then possibly going for Rylais ASAP. The health and AP do wonders. However when the range of his Q got slightly nerfed I find myself grabbing boots and health pots first and then being able to harass more at the begging, as well as getting orc boots quickly.

For end items I usually got:

Sorc Boots
Mejais Soulstealer
Rylais Sceptre
Viod Staff
(potions with enough money)

(Not in that order but I usually finished with that)

I can't really answer No.4 I usually level a mix of Pool and ToB depending on how I'm doing. Doing well = ToB.
In danger = Pool

Many level up ToB though because leveling up Pool does not increase the duration, only decreasing the CD. And you will probably be using it once fights or running anyway.

If caught in a gank and you have no Pool: you can
1) Pray
2) Try to use summoner spells to get away (Ghost, Flash or Exhaust)
3)Kiss your ass goodbye.

There isn't much you can do unless you are strong enough to fend them off. I know people complain about the Pool being the most Op getaway spell, but what will he do when that fails. He wil have lost about 25% of his heath using it and he has no CC to use. To sum it up. If you get caught with no escapie and you are not fed to hell, your f*****d

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I'm rly confused why ppl go for utility masterie's there isnt anything useful for him, wich means waste of points i usually go for 10/20/0
geting the magic pent, and ignite.On the other hand for those remaining 20 point i usually go for the armor, dodge and ap/attack boost it helps me laning/soloing pretty well and if the game progress till 40 - 50 min mark, im like a beast

Build i recommend:

Its really effective since ur masterie's are well place and ur runes and with thome as a first item i usually start up with 25 - 30 ap.
Ya wich means start up with thome and x1 HP pot it will keep u on the line forever
and just for notice dont harass till lv3, its pointless try to farm up

Build i recommend:

1: Sorc.boots
2: Mejai - Rylai (ur decision)
3: Zhonya (is a must have item since ur rly usefull as an initiator)
4: Warmog's Armor - Void staff (depends on how ur doing and the rolle ur playing)

At this point game shoud be near the end line, and one other thing when u feel troubled i find it very useful always to save up like 600 gold, for elixir's (yes exactly the red one and the blue one it will boost ur potential a lot in mid game keep that on mind)

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In my experience, Vlad is one of the champions on which you can really feel the difference that makes a Rylai scepter. It's like night and day.

So that'd be the main item - around that, you can go Mejai, Zhonya's, even Abyssal scepter. Rylai is still the most important item.

About ToB: it's actually a pretty important skill in Vlad's skillset, and its usage is what sets apart bad Vlads who just don't use it and rely on ulti, transfusion and sanguine pool for all their damage (which is then lackluster) and good ones who actually start to cast/stack it pre-fight so that when the clash happens they go in with a high damage, high AP spammable AoE spell.

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Lich bane? O.o

1. Book and HP potion => Soulstealer
2. Boots
3. Rylai's Scepter (just hp belt)
4.Sorc Shoes
5. Finish scepter
If your team have problems
6. Warmog's Armor or (if they have more than 1 tank) Void staff
7. Zhonya's Ring
If don't
6. Zhonya's Ring
7.Warmog's Armor

And 6th item should be 2nd Rylai's but u can buy anything ^^

1. Transfusion 1/5
2. Pool 1/5
3. Transfusion 2/5
4. Tides of Blood 1/5
5. Hemoplague 1/3
And max transfusion. After transfusion Tides of blood.
Your combo for teamfights:
1. Hemoplague
2. Tides of Blood
3. Transfusion (on the weak target)
4. Pool ( try to catch someone)
5. ToB
6. Transfusion (low hp target)
If fight won't be finished just use random skills xD

If caught in a gank:
1.1 Try to use hemoplague - they should run away.
1.2 Pool !
2. Run!!

If u think u can defeat enemies: try to kill them.

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Errm, Ill just throw out my build, Keep in mind my build is focused on a Midd Lane Vlad, and getting kills more early game, to demolish late game.

Well firstly, i'll always play Vlad in mid, his damage potential doesn't really come out untill level 9 and the fastest way to get there is Mid, you can play side lanes with him if your partner is decent, but i just don't really get the damage fast enough nor the kills.

So then the summoner spells Flash and Ignite are needed, Imo having Flash is a good escape and attack method, unlike ghost they can't react fast enough to do anything about it early game when you're around level 6, if you have harrased them enough to the point where they are 400ish HP, ignite and your Ultimate + Q will normally kill them, which is why flash is require. People normally don't go back because they don't like losing exp so they will dwindle near there tower, Flash + Ignite + Ulti + Q + Pool and you should be good to go.

As for Masteries, 10/20/0 different to the above posts, i personally find Utility useless, when you can get alittle defence, and Health. The 10 in Offence are self explanitory, Archmages Savy - Sorcery - Archaic - burning embers.
I play the game trying to get as much kills as possible early game, the defence and extra AP help for this as you can stay in lane longer, because of the regen you will get from items.

Ill start with a Regrowth pendant. Now i don't go into Utility so i don't have the bit of regeneration i need for a good lane faze if you are harrased, people say that your Q is all that is needed for Health, but trust me it isn't, some people will attack vlad heavy, and the pendant is a good measure against it.

~1) Regrowth Pendant
~2) Boots
Now, you should be on your first if not second kill (Now i say 2nd because it does happen, i've seen people get angry and rush down to me and die again), you should rush Mejais and forget about Sorcery Shoes. Now this doesn't happen all the time, as people can be to defensive towards a Vlad because they know what to expect, if this is the case then that's ok because Vlad is one incredible farmer. Keep hacking away and creeps if there playing defensive. There is also the chance, you get someone who knows how to play against a Vlad and can F*ckie you up. I played with a Kassadin that crapped on my head.

~3) Mejais / Sorcery Shoes ( Dependant on the situation)
Just a note though, sometimes i get Sorcery Shoes first, for the speed to hit people with my Q.

~4) Rylais Scepter Or Force of Nature.
This is the also the part were i get called a noob
But hey, what do they know, anyway you will change the Regrowth into one of these if there team is Magic Heavy as it helps you loooads, not only does the Speed boost help against mages but it gives incredible resistance and health regeneration.
If you have no use for it now, go for the Rylais Scepter, and the force of Nature when you can. The Rylais is an obvious choice (Catching + Health + AP)

~5) The 5th i would say Zhonyas Ring, as it helps late game and gives a huge amount of AP, remember to always keep it on Slots 1-3 as you can hit those keys easier to use it's Ability.

~After those items, the game should be nearing over, and it doesn't require anything more, but some games don't always go your way and can drag on, basically i get w/e i can to Counter or defend against my enemys. Always look at there Items.

As for Runes, Ill go AP and Magic Penetration.
Alot go Health and what not, but i don't think it's necessary, i played with a vlad who had more hp than i did, but i had more AP which resulted in him dieing as i took more health and did more damage.
Damage is the key.

I think that's about it. This build is for the aggressive player ;D but always think before you act, i mess up sometimes and get myself killed.

Edit: Oh yes, always look and remember your opponents Summoner spells, if they have flash or something escapy, try and make then use it


4.) Why do people also LVL Tides of blood in begining - I have never occured to see ToB usefull in Team Fights...they are only good against mobs -> but surely I do not want to lvl something that will be good against mobs at early stage.

I don't know many vlads that do actually.
You should level Q (I don't remember the names) as much as Possible, only level once on Singuine Pool or w/e, just 1 Level is needed and the rest on Tides, keep going Q untill it's level 5, tides following singuine Pool last. Obviously Ulti when it's availble.
The reason for Tides, isn't just Mobs, although you want to be farming as much as you can and when you can, it's also for killing, the more you use it the higher it's damage output(This is a stack that disapears after like 5 seconds of not useing the skill) but i don't think it's that great, even so though it's extra damage to killing someone.

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I would say that u should have great use of tide of blood in the beginning its make a worthy amount of dmg and makes u able to spam both Q and E ability while u fight. U also asked in what order you should make your spells. Well it depends many use ulti as a fast move ability if thee enemy is about to slip away. But for me who is playing ranked and with full 5v5 arranged team with alot of team action in (idk about you) The ulti is good to pop in the beginning of the fight, It mskrd your whole teams attacks and spells do 18% more dmg over the duration it loads up which is a healthy amount of damage. Plus in LoL the team fights are fairly quick and you have to deal te biggest amount of damage you can in a short time. The Pool ability is just awesome for tanking with under fights and slowing down targets while making you invurneable (for everything except Ignite and other DoT effects laid on befre you pop it remember that!) While your in the pool you will have time to reload your spells, Buying Zonyhas ring is an other way to make the same effect except that you cant move and slow but u will be invurneable and have time to reload your spells.

And also i would recommend Heal/Flash/ignite/Ghost depending on what you are facing against. Exhaust can be very usefull if you vs many fighter heros.

Hope you will have some good info from this

Best Regards, Inhaliation

PS. Don't you be afraid to ask me any question, I will answer any regarding the game. Just add me if so wish DS.