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How do I spectate in LoL?

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Grim Rita



Handy tips for those interested in spectating matches. You may need to exit the client during beta and restart it first.

I want to spectate a game. How can I access Spectator Mode?

When you are browsing for a custom League of Legends game you will now have the option to join that game as a spectator. Alternatively, you can elect to become a spectator after joining the game lobby as a player.

What games am I allowed to spectate?

Presently, Spectator Mode is only available in custom games. Games started by one of the matchmaking queues will not have a spectator option.

Is there a penalty for leaving a game as a spectator?

No. As a spectator you can leave a game at any time. Additionally, spectating carries no obligation to reconnect to a game once you have left.

If I disconnect, can I reconnect to a game that I am spectating?

Yes. If you disconnect while spectating a game you will be presented with the option to reconnect to the game that you were spectating.

Will it be able easy to compare team stats in Spectator Mode?

Yes. Team gold, team kills, and tower kills will be prominently displayed as part of the Spectator Mode heads up display.

Will I earn XP or IP for spectating a game?

No. You will not receive XP and IP for spectating a game.

Will the addition of spectators into a game cause performance issues for the other players?

No. The players in game should not experience performance related issues based on problems the spectators are having.