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League Of Legends - Text Bug; GhostPro

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When i downloaded the latest patch; 1.45 I played my first game alone today, the game lobby was fine everything was smooth. But when it came to ingame when the game started I couldnt see any text, letters or numbers. Gold, time, scores, ally typing, my own writing, names, etc... I tried leaving and reconnecting but it didnt seem to fix it. At first I thought it was the hero Kassadin cuz it was the first time i wanted to try him so i just played on... Then after the game i exited league of legends and joined again, then i played with my friend XxKhalfanxX with my main hero Akali. The same thing happened to me and I couldnt see text. He advised me to repair league of legends so i did and it took about 30 mins... I tried another game with my brother and XxKhalfanxX it happened again so i left just now and i came to report this glitch... I couldnt really also play cuz my FPS was down to 2-3 and i couldnt see text... I tried everything me and my friend could think of... Please help

Thanks for your support,