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Display Driver Has Stopped Responding and has recovered

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Flying Squirrel

Junior Member


Very recently I have started getting the error that is in the title although it is only one file that is causing the problem. It is called nvlddmkm.sys and basically what happens is that during any of my games (LoL or COD) my first monitor goes black for 3 seconds and then my second monitor does the same and then they return to normal but by then im already dead. In LoL this will happen about 20 times because the games lasts for so long and in COD about 12 times. It is such a persistent problem which i need to fix ASAP or i can't play FPS games. About 5 minutes ago I got the blue screen of death because of the same error only this time shutting down my pc (first time for the blue screen).

Currently I have tried the following -

Updating graphic card drivers
Reformatting (TWICE)

I try google but end up with nothing or stuff i dont understand.

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OG Shauwkyniqua

Junior Member


Got the same error... like when you posted this thread it begun with mine aswell... i don't know if it has to do something with a new patch or something like that ... beccuz im able to play other games just normally.... plz I hope vor a response.

Greetz Shauwky