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Bug Template & additional information

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Player Support Manager


Summoners! We need your help!

As you know League of Legends is growing every day and new content is always being added. However sometimes things do not work as intended and we need you to keep in touch with us about the significant bugs you as Summoners feel have the greatest impact on your gaming experience. These would be issues such as Champion bugs, Localisation issues, User Interface glitches, etc. To help you convey the information to us we've put together a simple bug report template. Please find below additional information regarding the bug report template. If you follow these simple instructions it will be easier for us to identify the issue you're seeing.

When submitting a new Bug please follow these steps:

1) Open a thread and name it describing one of the following categories, so it is easier for us to sort and manage your reports:

Champ - Anything related to champion abilities and behavior.

Item - Issues directly related to items in game.

UI - User interface malfunctions: Game Menu, Store, Chat , Friends List etc.

Map - All concerns related to the in game environment: Buffs , Collision detection etc.

Loc - Concerning any localisation issues such as textual overlaps, truncations, misspelling.

*After pointing out the category, it’ll be very useful if you give us a short description of the bug.

Here you have an example of a thread title for a bug report:
BUG – Item – Randuin’s Omen Active Not Functioning

2) Detailed description of the bug:

In the body of the message, please give us a detailed description of what you found and how it affects the game. We need you to be as detailed as possible, including screenshots if available.

3) Repro Steps:

We need to know how to reproduce the bug in order to better understand the issue and implement a fix. This is an example of how to outline reproduction steps:
- Launch game
- Start a game in Summoner’s Rift
- Go to the store and purchase Randuin’s Omen for 3075
- Click on the Item in your bag
- Observe the active ability is not triggered

We really appreciate your help and all the feedback we receive from Summoner’s is a vital step in the overall continuous improvement of the game. We are looking forward to working actively with players to achieve a greater gaming experience.
See you on the Fields of Justice!