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Ashes and Tryndamere wedding

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Hi it’s me Mohjo again, this is a story being written down after journal of justice have been hinting that something is going on with Tryndamere and Ashe.

Dated: month Algaria, day 21

After the Ashes and Tryndameres clans had been united together to fight against the rising threat in runeterra, rumours spread that Ashe and Tryndamere was just more than friends and on this day it has been announced that they will have their wedding on the second day of Harias month. All champions in the league are welcome except champions from noxians. The high consul of Noxus leaders takes this as an offensive act and give the official statement that:

- We will take proper actions against such an insult.

Katrina responded with a comment that she doesn’t care and a day from fighting will just make a champion weaker.

Dated: month Harias, day 2

The day is finally here Ashes and Tryndamere shall now be untied as a couple and here comes Ashe in her White wedding dress together with her man Tryndamere in a black suit. Annie is walking ahead the lovely couple throwing out flowers and with her goes a surprisingly calm teddy bear. As a writer being a guest at this great occasion I notice Poppy and Garen guarding the entrance to the big church, they are both wearing big golden armor with a golden helmet on their head showing the mark of Demacia. When the couple have entered the church the guests are allowed to follow and take their seats, I’m amazed how big the church is and how beautifully it looks. I see the priest and notice that it’s Twisted fate standing on the podium and I think to myself “ I didn’t know he was a priest”. I see Annie and her teddy bear stand near a familiar looking statue that seems not to fit in, I then remember that it looks just like Galio “but why would he be there ?”. To not lose myself in my thoughts I quickly look at Tryndameres best man Ryze, he looks nervous and seems to have a hard time standing still, on the other side Ashes brides-maid Nidalee seems to enjoy herself and looks less aggressive than usual. So the ceremony starts and Ashe and Tryndamere make their promises to each other and I notice that Annies teddy bear is crying.


(Now the text focus on what is going on between gailo and annie, this is not something the writer knows about)

Annie turns her head while her teddy bear is crying and whisper a question to the statue that looks like galio.

A: -Have you ever seen a teddy bear cry?

Galio thinks carefully if he should reveal himself or just ignore the question but decides to whisper back.

G: -No I have not

A: - Neither have I.

Galio thinks to himself “what a odd thing to …….. Galio didn’t have a chance to finish what he was thinking. In a blink of an eye Galio sees someone firing a small arrow from somewhere he couldn’t anticipate and he acts fast and takes out his wings to catch the arrow before it hits Tryndamere.

(Now it’s the writer again)

I was shocked that this could happened on such a special day but Galio saved Ashes husband and didn’t take so much damaged from the arrow, he seemed immune to the poison that was supposed to hit Tryndamere. After the incedent Ashe shouted that everyone should be quiet and sit back at their seats nothing would ruin her day, even Tryndamere seemed calmed by her discipline. The wedding continued without any holds up and later that afternoon they were married. Rumor tells that Ashe and Tryndamere spend their honeymoon in the beautifully sand beaches of Kandaria. After the wedding I was wondering how The assassin escaped from Poppy and Garen, but when I crossed Garens path I heard him mumble.

- Why do I recognize him and from where…

Now I’m even more curious to know he was.

Your sincerely Bestollomas Rerik

Dated: Month Haris, Day 3

Unknown- You have failed in your mission to deal with Tryndamere and his wife there for you are not welcome anymore, I hereby release you from all duties and you are now banned from ever entering or claiming that you come from Demacia.

Kallas- Yes sir, I understand.

Dated the last day in the moth Haris.

Leaders of the league- We have found a new champion to the league, he will be summoned any day now and will start participated in the matches.

Unknown- Is he really the right champion to bring in to the league?

Leaders of the league- Don’t questions the choice of the league.

Dated The third day of Melsian
Garen walks around in the league halls and are waiting to be summoned to the fields of justice, he hears someone coming down the halls, the steeps of this person sounds unfamiliar. Garen wonders if that could be a new champion the shadow of the new person grows stronger and Garen hopes that this champions isn’t as weird as the other ones have been. He sees Kallas face and directly remembers where he know this champion from, he was in the Demacias army and one of the most promising assassin and also the one trying to kill Tryndamere “but why is he here and why did he try to kill Ashe and Tryndamere”. Garen feel his anger rising and think to himself “this time you won’t escape me” he rushes towards Kallas who seemed not to take notice of Garen. Garen takes a controlled grip around Kallas throat and he says:

G- Now I have you assassin, you have nowhere to run.

K- Where could I run I’m not welcomed in Demacia anymore and this is the only place where I’m not hunted by bounty hunters.

G- Why did Demacia want to kill Tryndamere?

K- I don’t know I was assigned and they wanted both Ashe and Tryndamere killed. I failed with my mission and now they have send me here so I can’t cause disorder in Demacia or tell about the evil going around in the top of Demacia. Now I want to ask you Garen, my former leader in command why have they send you here?

G- They have because……………

K- You really don’t know why, I don’t know if it’s good to know why you are not wanted anymore or blindly believe that you are still wanted.

Garen loses his hand on Kallas and he falls to the ground sitting the wall and looking into emptiness, Kallas looks at Garen for a small amount of time before he starts to walk again and Garen hears his slow steeps echoing on the Cold floor of the league.
Skin suggestions:
Ashe:In a wedding dress

Tryndamere: In a black suit

Poppy: Golden armor completely covering her body, with a golden helmet with the mark of Demacia on it

Garen: Golden armor completely covering his body, with a golden helmet with the mark of Demacia on it

Galio: A completely grey stoned skin making him just look like a statue.

Ryze: Ryze in a suit how cool is that?

Nidalee: Pink brides-maid

A new champion approach.
Kallas the Demacia assassin

Attack 1
Damaged: Unkown
Fires a paralyzing arrow hitting a target in the foot and paralyzing it for 1 sec

Attack 2
He makes a doll out of an friendly champion that he controls with threads. Lasts 5 secs and can’t use abiltys or deal any damaged (great for tricking team fights)

Attack 3 (input ideas)

Damaged: Unkown
Kallas makes a fast move on an enemy champion (like master yis alpha strike) and teleports back to the place he initiated the ultimate. Severely hurting them (input damaged), the champion getting hit gets 50% movementspeed reduction.

There you have it, thank you all for taking your time to read my story I hope you enjoyed it and have any comments you want to give.

Yours sincerely Mohjo

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Senior Member


Pretty neat.

I aproove of this. Sad tibbers does aswell. ("\(Ó_Ò)/&quot

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Really. This is what stories should be like - awesome and hilarious.

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If this happens, Nunu needs an usher skin.

And Kayle can marry them

And Gragas can get drunk at the reception

And Fiddles can hang out in a nearby graveyard.

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Hehe thanks for all the kind words, I could continue the story karmaburning and maybe these skins will show up. the problem is though i'm out of ideas. If anyone wants or have ideas to continue this story be my guest just give me some credit for the headstart