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Generic Tank Rune Page

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Okay so I'm building a generic tank rune page which consists in:

Quint - Flat HP
Seal - Flat Armor
Glyph - Flat MR

What I'm looking for, right now is what to do with the Mark slot? Should I got Defensive or Offensive? And which marks should I put?


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See this rune page guide: http://www.squidoo.com/league-of-legends-rune-pages-guide

Generally its best to run Magic Penetration as most tanks deal magic damage through their abilities.

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what kind of tank are we talking about? It's different if it's a lane tank (e.g. Singed) or a jungle one (e.g Amumu)

for my lane tanks, I like to use a page with Dodge on Seals and Quints, Flat Mres on Marks and Gliphs. I use this for both tanks and off tanks, either AP or AD based (Singed, Udyr, Irelia, Jarvan, WW are my "mains&quot

dodge allows for some flexibility in the boots choice, sometimes I go Merc, sometimes Tabi and sometimes even Swiftness

beside, imho most armor items quite frankly suck big time (expecially when using AD or AS based tanks... why can't we get and armor equivalent of Wit's End? ._.), and I usually end up going Frozen Hearth, whose attack speed slow sinergizes perfectly with the dodge from runes (way better then it would sinergize with armor :P)

mres, well, less useful now that the dual AP meta died, but still... if u have an AP opponent in lane, get a couple 400g capes (one for boots and the other u'll later turn into Wit or GA) and u're set, lane won :P

for my jungle tanks, since I only jungle AD champs (Jarvan, Udyr, WW), I use Flat Armor in Quints and Seals, Attack Speed in Marks and Gliphs

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He's talking about generic tanks.
He wants a rune page, that works for every tank.

Armor is obviously the right choice, because it's the stronger choice for jungling and early game.
Dodge is better during late game.

Armor or MPen